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In a compound sentence, a semicolon joins two independent clauses Example: Exclamation Mark Exclamation mark is used to emphasize unrestraint emotion in writing.

To indicate an abbreviation — Example: Periods are your friends at least in this context.

Avoid using a comma when a semicolon is needed:

I have to wake-up early; I hate sleeping in late. They are often described as being more powerful than commaswhile not quite as a strong as periods full stops. Cows, though their bovine majesty has been on the wane in recent millenia, are still one of the great species of this planet, domesticated, yet proud, they ruminate silently as we humans pass tumultuously by.

Finally, to combine independent and dependent clauses, schrijfcursus online dating need a comma, not semicolon examples yahoo dating semicolon.

Commas separate the items within a list. Sam asked what time the train reaches Liverpool. There are two ways we use semicolons to combine independent clauses.

Avoid a semicolon when a dependent clause comes before an independent clause.

Examples of Semicolon in Literature

The correct ways to use them are pretty specific, which leads many writers to use them the wrong way or not at all. However, if we want to number or letter the lists for instance, to clarify the order in which a list must be followed or to highlight its itemswe use semicolons to make them easier to read.

Jane was one of the lucky ones. Here are some more examples. Rome is the capital of Italy.

Using Semicolons

Ellie subtly flared her nostrils; the smell of lilac and lavender filled the air; it reminded her of her summers in the hills of Ohio; she and her cousins would make crowns of daisies and give them to their mothers.

You cannot do this with a comma.

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All punctuation marks that belong to a quote are enclosed inside the quotation marks of the quote. Semicolons are used to outrank the commas in the list items. He showed me his engineering degree MIT, class ofbut he was more interested to work in sales, rather than in technical department.

I have a few suggestions for the story: Question Mark As the name suggests, question mark indicates a question is being asked. When too many commas are used in one sentence, the sentence becomes confusing. Jack, Tom, Dick and Harry.

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These rules help to build a successful communication through proper punctuation. The only exceptions to this are certain uses of periods and quotation marks. You should use a semicolon in this way when you want to share related things that are different but equally important, in one sentence instead of two or morelike this: George Washington the first president of the United States gave his farewell address in It's unclear what the three list items are, since the items are separated by commas.

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We are going to hold a party for the success of our team! If we simply used commas, such lists would be difficult to understand. If parenthetical content is in the middle of the sentence, then the related punctuation should be outside the parentheses.

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Tapp A single word can form the sentence hence period is used — Example: Parentheses refer to round brackets that are used when we want to add further explanation, a comment or after thought etc.

All are independent clauses, but semicolons join them together through a common idea. To separate name of a person in a sentence Example: Bring any two items; however, sleeping bags and tents are in short supply.

Colons and Semicolons Colon provides a pause before providing related information within a sentence. Jane likes three flavors; chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. They are stronger than commas, and connect the ideas of the clauses. Vacation used to be a luxury.

Use a question mark to end questions and exclamation point to end exclamatory sentences. When to Use A Semicolon: Dash Dash helps to convey the subtle meaning of a message as it elaborates the meaning of a message.

Semicolons are most often used to separate two equal independent clauses within one complete sentence.

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In summary, a semicolon is: She recommended it to her friend. Always start a sentence with a capital letter.

Used after yes, no and well in the beginning of a sentence. We welcome you, Sam, as a new member of our sales team.