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The Inquisitor can point this out to her, or end their romance then. Not an elven god? Sera is also scared of magic and will express distaste about the Inquisitor's magic use if she is a mage, such as asking the Inquisitor to use less magic once they've chosen a specialisationalthough the Inquisitor can gain approval by reassuring her that they'd never do anything to disappoint her.

An arrow with a message? While the hat ended up being stuffed with apples in an attempt to mock Corypheusthe gift begins to make the Inquisitor wonder if she should give Sera a gift in return to express her fondness.

Meeting Sera

How to Romance Sera Sera is an eleven archer that joins as a companion in Orlais. Origins where Leliana, Zevran, and Isabela were bisexual. Sera will say that she sera dragon age flirtymania a dream where the Inquisitor died.

According to banter with Solas, Sera appears to have occasional flashes of the uncanny sensitivity to magical or supernatural effects that is part of being elven, in spite of her disdain for acting "elfy. She's carefree and laughs a lot She's the best lesbian option See results Gaining Approval Sera hangs sera dragon age flirtymania in the tavern in Haven.

Below is a list of all her attractive guys are intimidating personality to quest and personal dialogue.

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She pulls the Inquisitor to bed as thanks, and the screen will fade to black as they kiss. If the Inquisitor agreed to Vivienne's idea instead, a scene will show a naked Sera and Inquisitor in bed ledyanoy online dating Sera laughing in disbelief that the Inquisitor shaved something into her pubic hair.

Choose the templars and disband them Solas and Cole will also greatly approve, but you will lose approval from CassandraBlackwallIron BullVivienne and Dorian.

When she asks "This threat was a test? And unless you don't eat, sleep, or piss, you're never far from someone little. Agree with Sera on all the pranks and when Solas calls "Who is up there?

Approach her again and if you have an approval score of at least 35 which you should have if you have followed the previous steps she will ask you if you want to pull some pranks with her.

I want to see if it's all really real.

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Also, remember to pick all of the dialogue options marked with the heart symbol. Please see the page above to see how judging prisoners affects Approval with this character.

The important piece of information is that the affair with Sera may also end if, towards the end of the main storyline, you claim that your character has been elected the Herald of Andraste. Select the romance option "time with you sounds like fun".

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The quest A Woman Who Wants for Nothing will begin, and the Inquisitor must ask the other members of the Inquisition if they know what type of gift she can buy Sera. If the Inquisitor takes Sera adventuring, Sera will occasionally make passing references to their relationship during party banter, or make comments that prompt the Inquisitor to remark upon it.

Select the romance option "Thanks for the 'pretty' part. Sera Approval shows the alignment for quest completiong. You can then decide whether you want to declare love for her and start a relationship on her rules or end the romance with her.

Source Approach Sera's room in the tavern where she's having a tantrum. Pick up the arrow, and "A Friend of Red Jenny" quest will be activated.

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The inquisitor can say she disagrees, and if she is Dalish, she can remind Sera that she believes in the Creators. Talk to everyone in the hold about the possible present for her, especially to Vivienne. Impulsive, playful and cynical, Sera is a strong-headed character with severity in her punishment of enemies and betrayals.

The Inquisitor can choose to decline the romance during this conversation, officially begin the romance and leave to go have sex with Sera, or begin the romance but state that she wants to wait before they begin having sex together.

After the relationship officially begins, the Inquisitor is able to kiss Sera any time she wants to when she's in Skyhold. Completing certain story missions will preclude romance if the romance is not locked in before hand.

Select "you think it should be easy" to gain a little approval, and then flirt by selecting the romance option "I think I'll like you too. You'll sit down with her and have a chat. If the Inquisitor is still in a relationship with Sera during the events of TrespasserSera will ask the Inquisitor to marry her.

At the same time, try to unlock and complete the first of her personal quests- " The Verchiel March. Dialogue approval via flirting is an important factor, with benefits for Qunari Inquisitors, and diminishing returns for human and dwarf, and lastly elves.

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I just don't know if I want to really know. Approval on Quest Choices. If Sera does not have high enough approval to pursue the relationship, she will continue to say that she needs to get to know the Inquisitor better.

While most of the Inquisition will make negative comments about the Inquisitor romancing Sera in response, talking to everyone is the only way that the quest can be completed.

While a male Inquisitor can't romance Sera, they can flirt with her and do some pranks with her around Skyhold. If the Inquisitor is female, Sera will flirt back. Approach her as soon as you can. You will be able to choose if you want to spend a night with her now, or strive for a more stable relationship.

Why do you like Sera? If you are looking to romance Sera,go to Val Royeaux for her recruitment as soon as possible, since the side-quests in The Hinterlands are very good for her approval Romance Point: She will spend some time yelling at the Inquisitor about things in their relationship that piss her off, but she will gradually imply that she's actually angry about the fact that she's falling in love with the Inquisitor.

Select any of the dialogue options; whatever feels right to you, as these won't affect her approval.