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The lead investigator is an old foe of Casey's. However, Casey is determined to expose the truth, despite Voight's threats.

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Antonio Dawson can stop Voight before it's too late. Matt decides to work things out with Hallie. Joe Cruz is faced with a big moral dilemma while trying to get his little brother out of a gang.

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However, they have to overcome the frictions when another colleague, Christopher Herrmann, is gravely injured. Voight, a dirty cop who wants to cover it all up. Also, Peter decides to quit his side job at his family's restaurant, but his mother is not happy with this career choice.

The drunk driver that caused the accident dating gays the son of Det.

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Gabriela attracts her superiors' wrath again, when she accuses a mother of poisoning her daughter. Voight goes to the next level in his attempt to intimidate Casey; Kelly finds it suspicious that an old lady has been having several accidental fires lately; and Leslie learns some surprising news about an old girlfriend.

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Kelly's addiction to painkillers spirals down, Leslie is confronted by Clarice's husband, and Mouch is very unfriendly to some Canadian visitors.

Casey's only hope is that Det. Severide finds out what is causing his increasing arm pain; he also hooks up with Nicki and gets caught by her father.

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The Chief interrogates Shay and Dawson about some narcotics that went missing from the ambulance. Chief Boden fears that year-old Ernie is behind several recent dumpster fires. Gabriela risks suspension after hitting a patient's friend.

Meanwhile, she bonds with Peter over food. Herrmann becomes involved in a pyramid marketing scheme. Also, Matt gets tired of Voight's harassment and decides to fight back, even though both Hallie and Chief Boden warn him not to do anything stupid.

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Meanwhile, Chief Boden wants to help a damaged kid, Otis starts a podcast, Leslie's ex-girlfriend pays her a visit, Matt and Hallie have another talk about their future, and Severide risks getting in big trouble when the Chief orders everyone to take a drug test.

The firemen welcome Nicki, a charming young woman who will be working in payroll and who seems to have a thing for Kelly. When it becomes obvious that Voight would do anything to protect his son, Hallie and Matt fear for their lives.

Boden knows he did the right thing, but the victim's brother threatens to sue the city.

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Cruz's attempt to get his little brother out of a gang backfires. Peter Mills might have saved him if he had another minute, but Chief Boden had called everyone outside, as the building was about to explode. The Truck members wonder why their crest is a goat.