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The cook, just Jon, is reserved for Samantha's bed, but his hot friend Sam, also twenty-something those always seem to know the right people flirts with Carrie; Big turns up saying he was on time but couldn't find her, time to leave town. In the meantime, Samantha is having trouble being monogamous with her realtors.

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Charlotte dislikes the sexual desires of her new boyfriend, and Miranda confronts jealousy when she runs into Skipper with his new girlfriend from Vogue.

Amalita's life is full of vacations, holidays, and shopping with very rich men. Her evening ends at his luxurious hotel. Over dinner, she introduces a young, handsome architect to Carrie. - fun way to learn English

Big, yet mortified when she farts in bed, but really worried when he stops to want sex every night. Samantha is horny for her hunky yoga instructor Siddharta, who claims to practice Bhramacharya, Tantric celibacy, since three years, yet still gets hard-ons.

Her trip is unexpectedly cut short when she walks in on Peter who is naked in the kitchen. Appalled, she calls up her friends and they discuss the power of sex.


Miranda is losing her self-respect after many rejections, but turns to blind dating - just to walk out on the first man who's still willing to give it a go when they meet. Miranda tells Carrie to be herself and feels she's worse off not having had anyone for three months, but how often is normal?

The girlfriends see models as a living nightmare as those terribly demanded competitors actually walk around in Manhattan, giving them socially imposed inferiority complexes, except man-eater Sam. Big keep bumping into each-other till they date without that term at Samantha's hot restaurant PR-opening, but he cancels last minute.

At a twenties club Sam takes Carrie on his lap and kisses really well, five hours long, and again while she helps him pick a shirt.

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The worrying worsens as Carrie's period is really late, and she doesn't even know yet how she would feel about a pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Charlotte is asked to model for an artist who is doing a series of paintings of vagina. It really hits her when he prefers to watch a boxing match to kissing, so she paints her apartment. Her friend Mike Singer found an ideal sex-partner in sales clerk Libby Biyalick, but prefers to keep the affair discrete as she wouldn't do as life-partner; Carrie realizes and resents being Big's, till she confronts him.

Waking up, she finds that the man has left her a considerable sum.

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Back in Manhattan, she contemplates whether there is a secret war going on between the singles and the married. It seems that dating the marrying-type guy has suddenly made her a member of a club for married couples. Later on, she is introduced to a guy who's desperately trying to start a family.

Samantha does it with married year old wine importer Ken Shear; when he tells his wife Ruth, she insists Sam participates in his fantasy, a threesome, to save her marriage.

Characters and extras on screen do some of the philosophizing about modern sex life and the life of both sexes she usually does off-screen in her column-style. Carrie is surprised nearly everybody has trios, and startled Mr.