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So I would not recommend staying in Kintamani if you want to get a proper sleep!

Photos Gunung Batur Jawa Barat Indonesia

The Grab bike drivers were on the other side! Ridiculous situation, and one which the airport management really need to resolve as a matter of urgency. He told me he would help me if I bought one of his pictures.

It took me about 20 or 25 minutes to reach the proper trailhead from the registration post. The public transport in Bali is almost non-existent and in any case the bus terminals supersport presenter marawa dating crawling with guys whose sole aim is to extract as much money from the wallets of foreigners, so I ojeked my way up to Kintamani.

I tried to find a local ojek for the following morning at 5am. RInjani remains closed and probably will do for several weeks at least.

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In the dark, in low cloud, alone, this was rather eerie. At the other end, Denpasar airport has undergone massive renovations and development and is still undergoing some more in the car park area. Ordered a Grab bike in Mengwi — he arrived, a friendly student, then a local thug rode over to tell him online ojeks are not allowed so he would have to cancel the order.

From the registration post it is actually more than 1km along a tarmac road to the actually starting point. They will never see most foreign tourists ever again, setegar gunung batu online dating why not?

August 1, at Got off at the registration post at a road junction.

Photos Gunung Batur Jawa Barat Indonesia

I realised it was an earthquake and assumed the tremors must be connected with nearby Agung. But the feeling continued and the ground shook quite ferociously for 20 seconds or more.

Had to walk even further and then back round. Back at the hotel a group of noisy bikers arrived, turning the tranquil atmosphere into a motorbike garage, with seemingly no awareness that people might not want to listen to them revving loud engines right next to the restaurant.

Other East Java Cities:

The views down to Lake Batur is fabulous and at Pos 1 the first, small collection of temple buildings the view is spectacular, both ahead to the peak and over to Gunung Batur. The small temple at Pos 2 is at a particularly lovely stretch of trail.

Rp, for a non-Indonesian vs Rp5, for an Indonesian. Look out for birdlife here… I saw lots, and all quite tame, hopping down the trail ahead of me.

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One chap was trying to sell art on the street, which I had no interest in, but as he had clearly sold so little he was also interested in being my ojek driver the next morning. Saddened to later read of at least 2 hikers in Lombok one already hiking and one in accommodation pre-hike who died in the earthquake.

A gorgeous, airy summit. I might have done the same, but being alone I though it better to wait until just before first light so as not to get lost. Be very careful, as the drop is several hundred near-vertical metres.

Once again, you just need to stay to the left and follow the ridge of the rim as it rises steeper and steeper. I walked all the way back to Kintamani an ojek would probably be a better idea as although pleasant the road is quite busy and had an early lunch before ojeking back down to the Denpasar area and a few beers at Batu Belig beach, Seminyak.

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Back at the registration post I was asked to pay for an entrance ticket. There may be a lot more restaurants in the airport now, but outside is as bad as it ever was and the authorities urgently need to clean this place up!

This means at present it is absolute chaos when you walk out of the terminal and try to find a Grab or similar. Back at the airport it was further chaos — any motorbikes heading in there have to use a separate route, which involves crossing over in front of oncoming traffic.

Mr Art Ojek Man was there by 5am and we set off back up to the outer caldera rim and then to the left along the road which follows the forested rim. There is very little litter, and the forest environment is gorgeous, as the first rays of sunlight cut through the tree branches.

The first of two large groups of Indonesian students came down, chatting to me about the earthquake. Must have been almost a kilometre of working my way round a building site and through numerous different car-park zones.

I checked my phone, which still had a very good signal, and saw it was from Lombok. There are a number of minor junctions, but if you stay to the left the edge of the rim then you should be fine, other than having to skirt round a temple.

I decided to walk out rather than give my money to one of these ruffians, but in the dark with no proper signage it was not easy. At around local time, I suddenly felt nauseous and at first thought I must have drunk one too many Bintangs the night before.

To the right side of the trail you can see Gunung Agung through the trees — and how immense and beautiful it looks from this perspective. Staggering video footage slowly being released of the earthquake, filmed by hikers on Rinjani rim.

If you like solitude, then this is a much, much better choice than Batur or Agung. I had to then negotiate with the thug.

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Finally neared the exit to find I was the wrong side of a high, prison-esque perimeter fence with no way over or round! Get whatever you can. Hundreds still unable to descend due to the trail being blocked by landslides. Only a minute ride from the lake accommodation to the Abang registration post, but once again they all seemed unwilling to want to do any work at a reasonable price.

What were they thinking? They had felt a second one too.