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He does not by the way, but who cares?

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Bob needs to interview Helen, but she refuses to see him. The intriguing conundrum being "Does she or doesn't she" You have been ravaged by a salacious tabloid which thrives on malignancy!!

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Tony Curtis winds up wearing an upper middle class woman's bathrobe fondly reminiscing about the entrega aerea online dating of "Some like it Hot" and now!!

She also manages to be terribly funny, without turning ridiculous, childlike and touching yet never losing her sophisticated seduction. The article raises doubts on her experience with sex and relationships.

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Heavy breathing on your ear, especially after a couple of martinis, gives your professional resolve all the longevity of a Popsicle on a hot July afternoon!!

This one was made inand follows the regular storyline: But what it loses in accuracy if it was ever accurateit wins back in appealing, innocent charm. This film amusingly resonates itself to a common sixties style movie, and winds up having a matchmaker's version of a happy ending!!

The real magic of the film is anytime Wood and Curtis interact, flirt and seduce each other, but the two older stars make for a very enjoyable counterpart.

Sylvia had initially rejected that suggestion coming from Frank who had heard it from Bobbut she ultimately decides to follow the advice, thus reconciling with her husband. Was this review helpful? During state building consolidating peace after civil war blacks chase, while constantly changing places on the two cars and two cabs involved, and while eluding a zealous cop's attempts at stopping them, the three couples sex and the single girl film 1964 corvette their feelings for each other, and at the airport, Frank and Sylvia reconcile and depart for Fiji, Rudy and Gretchen console themselves with a trip together to Hawaii, and Helen forgives Bob, who has already found a new job as a respectable journalist, and the two of them fly to Vegas to marry.

What he is thinking with is not very swift at all!!

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Originally known as the adorable little girl on "Miracle on 34th St" not much has changed since then!! Body parts like knees and ear lobes are vulnerabilities for the consummate carnal's double-entendre!!

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Schwartz, and starring Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood. Natalie Wood is sensational in this role Most significantly, everybody has flippantly and metaphorically acknowledged that Eve ate the apple. The bottom of the earlobe is everyone's nemesis, and not just a sexual deviate's!!

Shocked, she asks Rudy to take her to Fiji. In the meantime, Bob refuses to let the magazine publish anything about Helen, and is consequently fired. Sign in to vote.

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Bob impersonates one of her neighbors, Frank Broderick Henry Fondaas a ruse in order to see her on the pretext of marital counseling.

After he fakes a suicide attempt, the two of them end up making out in her apartment, with Bob realizing he's actually falling for Helen, which is the reason he still has not written anything about her, prompting an ultimatum from his boss.

Lying about things has now become second nature to people, as a matter of fact, it is kind of fun!!

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Wood was about 26 then and to me that makes the film work much better than the Day-Hudson comedies. So is Bacall, opening her door to Natalie an early morning, with her legend husky voice.

Such a wardrobe suggests a disconcerting demeanor about "Being Above Reproach" So!!


We've also got Mel Ferrer in a highly unexpected turn, as the light-hearted and pro-dancer psychiatrist Rudy and Fran "Meglio Stasera" Jeffries has a small part as Tony's casual girlfriend -and of course getting to sing the title song.

Helen comes visit Sylvia with fellow psychiatrist Rudy DeMeyer Mel Ferrerwho has had a crush ever since the article intimated she might be a virgin.

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Therefore, Bob decides to impersonate Frank and go to Helen as a patient, with the goal of getting close to her in order to gather more information. Spoilers Sex comedies from the sixties may seem a trifle dated now: It boils down to a choice between a sleazy columnist concealing himself as a married man, Tony Curtis or a confidant who is merely seeking a stilted arrangement, Mel Ferrar Your clothes are from Bonwit Teller which insinuates that you are masquerading a pretense of sophistication and elusive composure!!

She seemed to have grown more and more beautiful with each film she made, and it's no exception.

Sex and the Single Girl (1964)

A short piece devoted to accompany the two young leads 'romance, "The Game" is probably the sweetest Hefti ever get. This precarious mannerism purports a potpourri of falsehoods everybody seems comfortable with!! Broderick, Helen gets extremely confused, while a furious Sylvia calls the police on Frank, who is then arrested for bigamy.

Bob wants to follow up by interviewing her, but she refuses. Rip-roaring drunk, Helen confesses her love for Bob. She seems to respond to Bob's courteous advances, all while insisting it's a transfer and that she'll play the role of Sylvia to the benefit of his therapy.

After several meetings Helen Gurley Brown's self-help best-seller was the nominal source for this Hollywood sex romp, directed by Richard Quine, co-scripted by Joseph Heller and David R. JxSxPx An entertaining blast of stale air. He assures her it's fine, since he's not legally married, but Helen doesn't believe him and asks to meet his wife, Sylvia Lauren Bacall.

Horrified, she rushes out to save him, but the two accidentally fall off the pier together and then head back to Helen's apartment to dry out. Tony Curtis pretends to be Frank Broderick, Henry Fonda's character with ulterior motives to unearth a gossip ridden story about a prominent therapist's Natalie Wood virginity status!!

Such a lewd fiasco comprises the aggregate compendium of you as the prototype for woman's liberation in the 's!! One of Bob's colleagues has just written an article about Dr.

Lemmon's subtle yet persistent shadow on the film is another little thing that makes Sex and the Single Girl very lovable indeed.

Sex and the Single Girl

Bob plies Helen with martinis. After several meetings, Bob attempts to seduce her, but she resists; then he phones her and claims he's about to commit suicide by jumping off a local pier.

Finally, recrimination has evoked a bittersweet awakening to you!! It is a comically realistic illustration of men's over active hormones that are incorporated into a screwball comedy!! During their first couple of sessions, Bob acts shy and smitten, and tries to gently seduce Helen.

Don't forget to check the in-jokes; Quine makes repeated allusions to one of his favorite actors, Jack Lemmon, who would a year after co-star with both Curtis and Wood in comedy masterpiece The Great Race. An oversexed male who delves into the recreation of sexual depravity is callous in his rudimentary pursuit of "basic needs".

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Without telling him, Gretchen decides to forgo her audition, so she also shows up at Helen's office. This allegedly married man you are cavorting with has a good head on his shoulders, but he is not thinking with his head A terminally lovestruck Bob forces another meeting with Helen and tries to convince her his marriage isn't legal, but Helen insists on hearing it from his wife and secretly asks her to come to her office.

These urges are best paralleled with feeding time at the zoo!! In the meantime, Bob asks his girlfriend, night club singer Gretchen Fran Jeffriesto pose as his wife or better, Frank Broderick's wifeand when she cancels at the last minute because of an audition, he asks his secretary Susan Leslie Parrish to go instead.

She may still believe in Santa Claus because he is the only man who keeps his promises!! Look, sex farces are harder to successfully complete than they may appear.