Smashwords – Accidentally Flirting with the CEO – a book by Shadonna Richards Smashwords – Accidentally Flirting with the CEO – a book by Shadonna Richards

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Should she start hunting for another job and cut her losses? She sat at her desk, head down, face covered with her shaky hands.

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But still, Jess said nothing about the e-mail. Should he just bestemmie strane yahoo dating it and pretend it never happened?

He wanted her badly. But not if he could help it. She really deeply appreciated his discretion and professionalism. That near-disaster was just too close for comfort. Where she could shine. Confront Alexa on this potentially damaging e-mail.

She immediately closed off emotionally. He then returned to the boardroom with the others to make a decision. Well this e-mail was an occupational health hazard—a potential career killer for him and for her.

As she sat motionless before him, her beautiful brown eyes gazed down on his desk. She knew it then. Alexa was caught off guard by his stoic manner. Dripping with charm, dangerously handsome and ever so annoyed in his facial expression.

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Would they discuss the e-mail? Or should he just confront it and get it out of the way? Where she felt comfortable. At this point, he was the only one in the office, at least that was what he wanted to believe, who had information about this e-mail.

Jess, knew there would be no other way to deal with the sexual urges between them than to just squash it there and then. Her entire body tensed up. That was the trouble. Her heart stopped when Jess appeared in the doorway. She tried to quiet the fumes spreading within her soul.

Accidentally Flirting with the CEO (Whirlwind Romance #1)

His erection tightened under his silky boxers. Meet me in my office in ten minutes. But humiliation stung her too much to respond in her defence. She could not believe she got out of there alive.

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Ten tortuous minutes later, Alexa was in front of Jess in his corner wall-to-wall window office with the breathtaking view. But she was ever so cognizant of his past troubles. God, he wanted her. Hotter than a fire hazard, huh?

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The million dollar question was—could he help it? Was she going to have another migraine. Pretend it never happened? Did he really find her to be that repulsive? She left her pills at home.

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Her pulse roared with fury. What are you waiting for? Yes, she did great at her job. The words echoed in her mind like a ghostly presence.

Chapter 6 Accidentally Flirting with the CEO by Shadonna Richards read online free

More than what she gave him. Was this the most, tense-filled, gut-churning evaluation ever? She wanted to say something. She turned slowly to look up. And most of all.

Would they change their mind?

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All of a sudden, Alexa had no desire to be inches from Jess Tandon. Jess paced briefly before settling his gaze on Alexa. She felt her stomach squeeze. The words played over in her mind. She braced herself for the worse.