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I think he just clicks off in the beginning.

Shane West's Relationships

But they sure are keeping us all together until six so that it looks like maybe some of us are alive or not. This is something that can go beyond anything that they could imagine, and I think that will be exciting for the old fans.

Who is Shane wests girlfriend? He isrumored to now be dating CC Sheffield. Shane West Starring in Salem On the new airplane set the Nikita team call headquarters this season, I sat down with Shane West to discuss what to expect in Season 4, as the team -- and Michael in particular -- try to deal with Nikita having taken off, rather than accept their help.

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When I realized that they were making the character of Michael a little bit younger than the original shane west dating nikita, and I had the opportunity to shane west dating nikita that, most other television shows went along the wayside for me because it was such a great character to have the chance to portray, as well as a great situation for me, in my acting career, at age 32, to play someone that was around my age and to play opposite someone as great as Maggie Q.

Do you end up killing Amanda? Are Mandy Moore and Shane west still dating? Michael trained Nikita when she was a recruit and is now faced with the responsibility how do you hook up wifi router tracking down his renegade student.

Check out what he had to say after the jump: Everyone has their own kind of arc going in this. None of us really are. Does Shane West sing? He has been linked to many women and they are often changing. Everything has been orchestrated perfectly right now.

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Had you been looking to do another TV show, or was it specifically this project that interested you? The hardest thing about it has been really, I think, for the writers.

We make them talk about it when it makes sense. How are you approaching these six episodes, knowing that this is it? It could be far, far worse. As of JulyShane West is currently single.

It feels very good. Shane West in Nikita: There will be a lot of cat and mouse because this is that type of show. Is Shane west a christian?

It depends on the time.

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West has dated actresses: You know, she likes to go rogue. But, thankfully, it is a city that is a lot of fun with great people, and a lot of us are growing to like it. He isn't dating anyone,we haven't heard from him since dance on sunset nickelodeon I don't think he's dating anyone.

I was looking at other TV shows. But once we get Nikita back, which is going to be pretty immediate -- because it has to be! Obviously, Nikita stood out to me.

Shane West

I think and hope that will change, but currently I think it lies with Division. It was specifically this project. When we left off last season, Nikita had taken off on her own. He had so much sadness in his life that I feel like this is another one of those moments, with Nikita leaving him.

I think his loyalty ultimately lies with Division right now.

Shane west dating

Yes, he has a band called johnny was and is now on tour with the germs. Percy Xander Berkeley basically saved his life.

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What films is Shane West in? However, they would be the perfect couple. Good, bad, I'm the guy with the hand grenade. Do you enjoy getting to do the physical stuff and the gun work on the show, or has that taken some getting used to? Where do you think his loyalty ultimately lies?

He was very emotionless. How is he dealing with it?

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How do you view this guy, as a person and in relation to Nikita? Are Shane west and Mandy Moore dating? We have quite a few episodes left to put those in there. But he would have a gf if he wasn't so busy.

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In Season 1, we found him in Division, he was clearly working under Percy. Everybody lived in L. He has discussed his faith manytimes in public before.

I think that worries writers and producers a little bit even more. We did do a flashback episode. Do you not kill Amanda?

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Shane west is not dead he has just been out of town for a while. I think it will be both. There are a number of twists and surprises in the pilot.

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But as we know, especially with social media now, you see the reviews of all sorts of series ending and all this kind of stuff - people being bummed about the endings of seasons or people being elated about it.