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Later, he gained the lead role in Journey to the Westwhere he gained many fans and supporters in Hong Kong.

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A sequel to the TV adaptation was planned, but due to a contract dispute with TVB, Cheung left before production began. However, due to a dispute regarding the contract, the role was given to Benny Chan Ho Man.

He became interested in acting when he was in elementary school, stemming from his interest in analyzing human behaviour. In plays, he would work as director, actor, and scriptwriter.

InDicky Cheung married Jess in Beijing and had a separate wedding ceremony in Boracay in Cheung then went abroad to Taiwan to continue his career.

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Up until the mids, Dicky struggled for many years working as a low-paid actor, singer and appeared occasionally in films. Notable roles[ edit ] Cheung has starred in many Hong Kong-Taiwanese television productions, enjoying both success in Taiwan as well as Hong Kong.

Journey to the West Dicky's most notable performance that made him famous was his portrayal of the Monkey King in the TVB adaptation of the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West. For example, he always loved being in crowded streets or buses, where he could observe people and hear conversations.

He won the third annual New Talent Singing Awards in It wasn't until his brilliant portrayal of the Monkey King character in the TVB drama Journey to the Westan adaptation of the classical Chinese novel Journey to the Westthat his popularity began to skyrocket.

The show was an instant hit in Hong Kong and managed to gain much higher ratings than TVB's own television series.


Prior to his marriage with Jess, he was involved in brief relationships with the actresses Elvina Kong and Jessica Hsuan. He has appeared in many Taiwanese television productions since going to Taiwan. Inhe signed a contract with TVB.

Career[ edit ] He entered show business in the early s, signing a contract with television station TVB. No record company wanted to sign a contract with him. So he changed his career path to acting.

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However, it was not a good start of his singing career. As well as being the lead character, Dicky also sang the theme song as well as many other songs throughout the series. The most notable roles are: Dicky was also due to play the Monkey King in the sequel.

They were filming in the same location on separate productions. Their relationship then further developed when Dicky purchased a water bottle for Jess.