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Shoe on head dating armored skeptic april, welcome to reddit.

Why are her opinions bad? All depending on what crowd she's pandering to now. Why is she wrong though?

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I just wanted to say keep up the good work. Let's ensure there are as many women in sewage jobs as men, let[']s make sure there are as many women in mining jobs as men, let[']s ensure there are as many women driving big-rig trucks as men Did you guys know that rape is bad?

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Right now June is playing the shy, insecure, nerdy gamer girl who hates feminism to her audience to keep them paying her, while pretending to be a bisexual DDLG fetishist for her boyfriend, so that she can justify to herself letting him treat her like shit and allowing him to fuck other chicks in "threesomes" that she only participates in for his enjoyment because she's too scared he will leave her like he did his wife who wouldn't let him cheat.

I am so done with YouTube. All she knows is that single mum dating philippines making fun of trannies made them feel bad uwu and that this trumps all scientific facts, an attitude she used to cringily refer to as "feels over realz".

Shoe0nHead and Armoured Skeptic

And it's like, don't be scared. In response, Shoe made a second video, claiming she wasn't under contract, and then deleted that video and made a second video promoting this website again even though, at this point, she already knew the company doxed two of her friends and was a scam to censor everyone in her friend circle.

His reply video to one of Steve Shives ' where Shives argues that "Atheism and feminism are complementary to one another" is titled "Feminism is My God Now" and argues, in part, that "the only people I hear en masse perpetuating the concept that women are not equal to men are third wave feminists".

Because that is how this works! I am so done with Twitter.

Armoured Skeptic

So what if she didn't do any research, never cited her sources, never read her sources and didn't pretend to be an intellectual? AJ then turned to a religious group that he had known in his childhood as he became more and more paranoid and needed help. The part that continues to fly over your head is that less women are in STEM fields And thanks to Thunderf00t stumbling across her video by mistake and liking it, this earned her the fame she always wanted from an audience of fedora wearing pedophiles who liked her because she looked 16 and said bunch of things they already agreed with.

June argued that she did nothing wrong and instead went crying to the person who makes HeHeSillyComics to tell him to shut this guy up. Is this the world we want to live in? His family remained Christian but never spoke about religion ever again.

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Eventually, AJ saw the hypocrasy and insanity of his former group and knew that he had to rebuild his shattered relationships.

To further cope with the fact that her future husband openly flirts with camgirls on twitter, June convinced herself that she's actually bisexual so that she could at least join in when Greg fucks other girls and pretend it's a threesome and not just cheating.

I log on to Twitter, all I see is kek kek kek frog pictures, freakin anime pictures, and frog pictures. But please don't imply that Greg is a pedo or else he might threaten to sue you like he did Jenny McDormatt.

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Why is such blatant misogyny, disgusting toxic trash allowed on your website? I'm done with the internet! This video game character is dressed too sexily.

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The only person to realize what was going on was Harmful Opinionswho exposed what they were doing. He wasn't an e-fame hungry failure like she was.

God Not Real link Discusses the cosmological argument. After watching videos from thunderf00tTheAmazingAtheistand CultOfDustyhe questioned his beliefs and ended up becoming an atheist.

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Despite her videos having awful editing, horrible lighting, horrendous audio spikes, are in p, and every other thing that makes it seems it is the first video on YouTube in He made the decision after he was doxxed by an unhinged YouTuber by the name of Jenny McDermott who accused Armoured of trying to have sex with her and revealed several private Facebook conversations between them to prove it, though none of them actually demonstrated his alleged desire for sex.

I don't like it! I am so done from the entire Internet. They just let it slide off their backs because they're misogynists and they don't care about women's rights.

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Use scrollbar to see the full image "Love letters" exchanged between June and the sad loser she duped into wasting a year of his life stalking internet strangers for her Additional Gossip from lolcow[ edit ] Another story that illustrates how duplicitous and attention hungry Dropped0nHead is, is a rumor about her one-sided relationship with some guy named "Rob"who was a local celebrity that June briefly developed a crush on.

XDDDDas well as multiple twitter accounts, two websites where people can add their own fan characters, and a fucking wiki about the show. It was perfect, all she needed to do is hide her bald head and regurgitate lame anti-feminist talking points that she heard in other videos but didn't actually understand.

I just love vlogging about it though and I love blogging about it on my Tumblr!


In the end, the guy running the account apologized perhaps being forced by the comic's creatorand they both deleted all tweets related to this, after which the homeless guy Shoe was bullying, scared for his life, deleted his channel. There is literally no winning, there is no appeasing, there is only the victim and the oppressor.

McDermott then proceeded to openly dox him again by revealing his full name.