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Showermate universal 2.6 bar single people, stuart turner showermate standard 6 bar twin

As water is heated scale deposits are released in areas of hard water, scale can cause the mechanical seal to stick if left without use for long periods. Wiring Diagrams If the supply cord is to be changed or is damaged, it must be replaced with a special cord assembly available from Stuart Turner or one of their approved repairers.

Stuart Turner Showermate

Our staff are trained to help and advise you over the phone. If it is necessary to position the Pump above the secondary tapping on the hot cylinder it is fed by, the risk of introducing air will be increased.

Below are some preferred connection options. The hose end running nut maxcanu online dating fitted with a rubber sealing washer which is held captive within the nut assembly.

Stuart Turner Showermate U8 bar Twin User Manual

With the pump removed from its packaging 15 mm pipework check for any damage prior to installation. In the interests of electrical safety a 30 mA residual current device R. Commissioning Carefully check pump and pipework for leaks whilst pump running and stationary before leaving the installation unattended.

Prior to inserting pipe into fitting, mark the insert depth on the wall of the pipe with a soft pencil at a distance of 31 mm from the end to be inserted Fig. The pumps are fitted with a supply cord to the following specification: Technical Specification Weight including fittings 4.

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Only use the Stuart Turner hose set supplied with the pump. Page 7 Hot water connection: The electrical installation must be carried out in accordance with the current national electrical regulations and installed by a qualified person.

Separate system isolating valves non restrictive must be fitted to allow easy pump service. If any damage is found contact Stuart Turner Ltd within 24 hours of receipt.

Installation, operation & maintenance instructions, For positive or negative head applications

This may be part of a consumer unit or a separate unit. On disassembly note the cord retention and routing system. When a hot water cylinder or storage tank is used, ensure the pipework size from the cold water storage to the hot water storage is of adequate size and a minimum of 22 mm.

To avoid this risk one of the two following solutions must be adopted: Do not introduce solder flux into the joint or surrounding area as connectors will be attacked and may fail.

Stuart Turner Showermate S6 bar Single Installation, Operation & Maintenance Instructions Manual

The pump must be supplied with a dedicated feed direct from the hot water cylinder or storage tank, ensuring an air free connection to the pump. Ensure the water flow is in the direction of the arrow that is marked on the flow switch reed clamp vertically upwards.

All solder joints should be completed and flux residues removed before final connection to push-in connections, on the flexible hose. Re-assemble to the same pattern. All connections seal on the pump body using a fibre or rubber sealing washer.