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Sigma extended wear eyeliner flirtymania. Sigma extended wear eye liners - beauty point of view

I got so many compliments that night from people telling me that my eyeliner looked lovely. ImaxTree Who said you have to stick to only one color anyway? It does have a very little bit of sparkle which I was not to crazy about, however unless you are looking very very closely from afar you can't see it.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner • Eyeliner Review & Swatches

ImaxTree This subtle shimmer is absolutely amazing! Once they're dry, they are completely smudgeproof! The Nars' Larger Than Life eyeliners see my recent huge Nars Haulbut I have a love-hate relationship with those simpy because they literally cost 'an arm and a leg' as oppa puts it hahahaha.

A warm shimmery copper brown. ImaxTree Her neutral outfit and shadow really make the pink liner pop! ImaxTree For a fun way to switch things up, replace a shimmery eye shadow with a shimmery liner instead! Less is more with this simple aqua liner.

35 Ways to Wear Colorful Eyeliner

I love the packaging, that they come in a cute little box: To be honest, I have recently found another eyeliner that is equally, if not more, smudgeproof and waterproof than these. I am kinda disappointed that I didn't order their black and light gold one as well when they were doing their free shipping promotion.

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ImaxTree White may be the exact opposite of black, but that doesn't mean it won't look just as good when used as eyeliner! It felt like I was drawing on my face with a crayola crayon and the smoothness of it when you draw with them on paper.

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Time to say good-bye to panda eyes ; Lots of love. However since they are based out in England, for some reason their shipping is very expensive and almost came out to more then the product cost itself which I found weird.

ImaxTree Going green never seemed so trendy. Black I heard about Sigma from watching youtube videos and people gallstone treatment in bangalore dating about their brushes so I decided to look them up.

ImaxTree Use the liner all over your lid for a super dramatic look. However since I had never heard of them, I didn't want to chance it. Click to visit the Sigma Beauty Website.

Well, please give me the honour by letting me start by simmering it down to the core problem. It went on so smoothly that compared to other eyeliners that I have had, I have never seen that before.

It's not a wooden pencil but sort of plasticy, so I'm not sure how well it'll sharpen - might be better than a normal wooden pencil but I won't know until I come to sharpen it, I'm sure it'll be fine though: ImaxTree Never go wrong with neon!

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All in all I really liked this eyeliner, I love how long wearing and pigmented it is, it really is good quality: I have the shade drift, which is the shimmery yellow gold shade. I do really like the skin-coloured one I purchased though - it's good for the waterline to open up the eyes, and Sigma's line doesn't have that colour.

ImaxTree The perfect shades of pink! Sigma's Extended Wear Eye Liners Review Hey musers, Over the past years, I've had soo many of you guys asking me whether I knew any good long-wear, zero-smudge pencil eyeliners.

Focus is a little to sheer for me and hardly come out on my yellow-toned skin, although it'd be great for a subtle lower-eyeliner.

Nonetheless if you can find a store that sells their stuff or want to pay the expensive shipping fee and buy it online, I would recommend you try this eyeliner out.

Downplay and which ones I personally like best. Seriously - it's good stuff. The great thing about all the eyeliners is that they are blendable if you act quickly and buildable in opacity, so you don't need to go straight-out with the solid colours on my swatches.

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Once you apply these eyeliners, you need to give them around seconds to set. ImaxTree Silver eyeliner is the perfect way to brighten up heavy eye makeup. A true emerald green with subtle light-gold shimmers.

ImaxTree Take a smokey eye to a whole new level by adding dimension with a white liner. Eight hours on and it looks identical to the pictures above, no smudging, flaking or melting. ImaxTree Bright and bold, this lime green liner is anything but basic!

Illuminating Bronzing Powder. Bobi Brown summer's choice

These liners are all paraben free too - it's actually really nice to see more and more brands start to make more of their products free from nasty chemicals - all we need now is for no makeup to be tested on animals and none to have any parabens or mineral oil in etc: Drift is also gorgeous for the lower eyeline, or to layer on top of your normal black or brown eyeliner.

I am looking forward if they offer free shipping again to trying their eye-shadows in Elope and Luna as well. If you decide to purchase any of these eyeliners, make sure to use the October Discount Code: ImaxTree Fake a smokey eye with this smudged eggplant eyeliner.

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A rich matte black. A warm shimmery gold. What's your favourite eyeliner? ImaxTree You can forget the highlighter and use a metallic liner in the corner of your eyes instead! They stay well on the waterline. The eyeliner is just the right width to give you either a skinny or thick line on your eye.

I hope they also make an eyeliner in nude since that color is very in lately. I'm sure you've already heard me talk about these many times. ImaxTree Orange really is the new black. The photo's really don't do the product justice either, the colour is quite strong whereas in the pics, it looks almost muted that's not what it's like in real life!

I'm honestly recommending them to you guys! A warm light plum-purple with hints of mauve. When I'm confident in a product being good enough to recommend to y'all, I get super excited.

I just LOVE this eyeliner. The temporary darkening or blackening of the outer eye area resembling the black eye rings of the giant Chinese panda bear, essentially committed by four key culprits: I didn't get paid to make this blog post or review these products.

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