How To Set Up GitHub Activity SMS Alerts - Twilio How To Set Up GitHub Activity SMS Alerts - Twilio

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By combining Zapier with Twilio we can set up text message notifications on GitHub pull requests without having to write any new code. I keep the message content short and select yes to this field so the message is not truncated.

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Choose GitHub on the left side. Answers to further phone number questions can be found on the phone number FAQ page. Twilio will assign a random phone number once the sign-up process is complete.

However I found that I rarely saw the GitHub web notification option and often did not immediately check my email when a notification message hit my inbox. Check with the supplier of your browser and operating system for more details. On the right side choose Twilio.


Before you begin a secure transaction with us, your security level is automatically tested by our systems. Immediate feedback is critical when a collaborating developer opens a pull request on your GitHub project.

This shows that data you are sending or receiving is encrypted and secured.

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Building a community around a new open source project is a tall order. This deters computer hackers and anyone other than the recipient from reading, gaining access to or altering the data being transmitted. The short feedback loop allows other developers to feel like their time was well spent by contributing to the open source project.

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The next step is a filter so that the trigger fires on a specific repository. TLS is a protocol that provides privacy and data security between two communicating applications, like web browsers and web servers. When a web server and web browser communicate, TLS ensures that no third-party may eavesdrop or tamper with any message.

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If you already have a Twilio account with a phone number you can skip on to the next section. Short response times are a great way to create a community around your project and keep potential collaborators engaged. Why is it important to upgrade your browser?


First sign-up for a free Twilio account. You can add fields to the custom message such as the pull request title so you have additional context when you get the messages.

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If your browser does not meet our TLS encryption requirements, you will need to upgrade the browser you have or download a new browser. If you have further issues or questions send me a note on email at mmakai twilio. The next section allows you to test that the GitHub pull request trigger and Twilio send SMS action are working properly.

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You can also search for another number through the Twilio web interface or purchase one programmatically through the API. Once a secure session has been established, a padlock or key icon will appear in the bottom right corner of your browser window.

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When personal or financial information needs to be transmitted, we only allow access to our web servers from web browsers that meet high security standards of encryption.