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When I called the Haden Triplets a few weeks ago, we chatted about keeping family singing traditions alive, the unique dynamic of triplet collaborations, and some pretty exciting news about the future of That Dog. Petra is a little more secure. It had druze dating online ups and downs like any other band, but I missed playing That Dog songs, so I approached Tony a few years ago.

She never toured with us, but if we played a show in Los Angeles she would get onstage too.

SIngle Girl, Married Girl

We have our sisterly quarrels and stuff, but that is really separate from the music. After we graduated high school, Petra and I were in a band together for about seven years. Our dad would come to see us play and was a big fan and was really proud that we were playing music.

She spends a lot of time organizing shows and editing an online alt weekly, fvckthemedia.

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What made you want to go back into the studio with that band? Some of my favorite bands over the past years have either cited That Dog as an influence, or been compared to That Dog in reviews— WaxahatcheeSwearinAll Dogs.

Are all of the songs on this record old traditional songs? Your father is a jazz musician. But the two had been singing for years before that, along with their sister Tanya. But I would play cello on your records.

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Are there plans for a That Dog reunion? Did you have bands together in high school?

The Haden Triplets: Single Girl, Married Girl

We grew up singing these songs. We just kept singing it throughout the years, so it just made sense for us for it to be on the record. What did your grandparents and parents think of That Dog?

It was very important to him.

Rambling Boy (2008)

Oh, I have heard Waxahatchee. You can contact her via emailTwitteror Tumblr. Petra and Rachel are seasoned singers. And grandparents were really supportive. I know that when I sing with the girls, everything else kind of disappears. They were proud of us. They were all friends.

The Haden Triplets - Single Girl, Married Girl

In the s, their paternal grandparents hosted a country radio show called The Haden Family Radio Show, on which their father, the jazz musician Charlie Hadenappeared as a child.

Dad was really supportive of That Dog. We love singing these harmonies. The Haden Triplets recently recorded a collection of some of those old songs. We finally made this record when Ry heard the songs.

I have all of these songs unrecorded.

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We used to all sit in the living room and sing songs. Anna [Waronker] is the main songwriter. All of the fighting disappears.