Implement single-phase dual-converter DC drive with circulating current - Simulink Implement single-phase dual-converter DC drive with circulating current - Simulink

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These values are used to convert armature current from amperes to pu per unit. For the mechanical rotational port Sthis input is deleted. Equally a converter may be used under steady- stage conditions in the first quadrant only but transiently in the second quadrant in order to extract energy from the load quickly and thereby improve the response of the system to changing command signals.

This frequency is equal to the line frequency of the single-phase power line. Both of these are practicable in suitable phase and three-phase dual-converter using bridge type converter circuits. It is composed of two elements: Symmetrical reference limit Symmetrical current reference pu limit around 0 pu.

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Integral gain The integral gain of the PI speed controller. This DC is filtered and given to the input of the second converter.


Too great a value can cause armature over-current. Such a range of operation is useful for certain purposes, examples being the control of a dc torque motor, i. The sampling time has to be a multiple of the simulation time step.

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Model Specifications The library contains a 5-hp drive parameter set. This parameter is not used when using the average-value converter.

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Meant to say it but fogot: Low-pass filter cutoff frequency Cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter used to filter the motor speed measurement Hz.

Initial speed reference The initial speed reference value rpm.

Ideal Dual Converter

This value allows the user to start a simulation with a speed reference other than 0 rpm. If you select the motor speed as mechanical input, then you get the electromagnetic torque as output, allowing you to represent externally the mechanical system dynamics.

Default is Speed regulation. The processes are similar to single-phase dual converter. It should be a complete inverse of V 1 with its conduction at deg and deg.

The pulses to converter 2 are applied after a delay time current-free safety interval of 10 to 20ms. Irregular jumps in the level of the DC terminal voltage at the point of current reversal must be avoided in order to achieve a smooth change over of current from one converter to the other.

The mechanical system of the motor is also included in the drive and is based on the same differential equation. For the mechanical rotational port, the connection port S counts for the mechanical input and output.

Sampling time s The controller speed and current sampling time s. Industrial variable speed DC drives. The output terminals of each converter having the same potential are connected together through a reactor.

That aside, a schematic would have been a good idea, to avoid people wishing to simulate it recreating the whole thing.


Conv The single-phase converter measurement vector. Single Phase Dual Converter The source of this type of converter will be single-phase supply. The applied voltage must be adequate for the motor size. The armature voltage The DC motor measurement vector containing the speed, armature current, field current, and electromagnetic torque values.

For the purpose of unidirectional flow of DC current, two diodes D1 and D2 are incorporated between the converters.

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Non Circulating Current Mode One converter will perform at a time. Schematic When you click this button, a diagram illustrating the speed and current controllers schematics appears. And yes I've done a transient simulation for a longer time, up to 2s but the V 3 output was consistent.

To make the output voltage of the two converters in same polarity and magnitude, the firing angles of the thyristors have to be controlled.

Dual Converter

In this simplified representation, assumption is made that the dual converters are ideal and they produce pure DC output terminals. The circuit diagram is shown below.

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This vector includes The output voltage of converter 1 The output voltage of converter 2 The output current of converter 1 The output current of converter 2 Note that all current and voltage values of the detailed bridges can be visualized with the Multimeter block.

Three Phase Dual Converter Here, three-phase rectifier and three-phase inverter are used.

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If the load torque and the speed have opposite signs, the accelerating torque will be the sum of the electromagnetic and load torques. Ctrl The controller measurement vector. The internal mechanical system is not used with this mechanical input selection and the inertia and viscous friction parameters are not displayed.

This parameter is not used when using the detailed rectifier. Proportional gain The proportional gain of the PI speed controller.

Introduction of Single Phase Dual Converter

The armature current reference The firing angle computed by the current controller The speed or torque error difference between the speed reference ramp and actual speed or between the torque reference and actual torque The speed reference ramp or torque reference When the Output bus mode parameter is set to Single output bus, the block groups the Motor, Conv, and Ctrl outputs into a single bus output.

So, Types of Dual Converters They are of two types: Modes of Operation of Dual Converter There are two functional modes: This delay time ensures reliable communication of thyristors in converter 1.

Default for Voltage is From the above discussion, it becomes clear that such a mode of operation requires sophisticated control system which automatically blocks and unblocks the individual converters in accordance with the direction of load current suitably with a safety intervals.

So, something like this would be much better: Motor The motor measurement vector. At a particular instant, suppose converter 1 fig. In this condition, Vdc and Idc are positive.