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The reason why Gil even tried to kill Archer in the route is because he knows he is dangerous if he is underestimated. Gil would go the exact same way as Shirou vs. Hopefully you can tell me that it is just for the life of the job, but even then if the job executes multiple packages I'd rather ensure that this particular package doesn't affect the others.

KU Followup December 12, - 1: Store special characters in 8. Shirou had already gained Archer's experiences and UBW in his fight with him. Archer has a lot more experience then Shirou does.

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There is no difference. Gil, except Gil won't dick around and would probably destroy Archer with Ea. How do you change any parameter in a client session? It would't really be the same.

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It is not "loss of data", it is converted data. Chapter 10 of the Globalization Support Guide talks about this utility.

There is a big difference. Pulling Ea or activating UBW? That is the point.

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I'm not saying Archer would win but he would at least but up a decent fight. Followup December 12, - 9: Followup February 11, - 4: There is no difference if Archer is "real" or "not a high schooler" I disagree.

Java is dicey, as Java is all about UCS and is going to override you anyway in the end. It's not going to be an original route?

From what I know, the "original route" was a mistranslation and they just said that there would be original content.

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Hell Archer may even remember the fight "he" had before with him and use that to his advantage. Regards, Followup February 11, - 8: I see, well their goes my wish. Or is each job executed in a new session?

What you are basically saying is: Export the schemas you want.

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Do session settings like this apply to work done by a database job? Is there any possibility can work this around in ORACLE 9i later on if we still need to do the things like that for the front end application?

Thanks for taking time to answer this question. February 11, - 4: A reader So I have choices The fight would not go down the same way. February 11, - 8: