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These vertebrae do not articulate with the ribs. The spinal column is composed of 33 bone skeleton slovo hotornotdatingsite, called vertebrae, which are arranged in 5 divisions from the base of the skull to the tailbone.

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This ability is necessary for activities such as mastication and speaking. The number of bones in the adult skeleton is over The cartilages of three other ribs are connected with each other and with the seventh rib.

All ribs are attached to the vertebral column dorsally, forming a cagelike structure which encloses the heart, lungs, etc. The first 7 bones of the spinal column, forming the neck bone, are the cervical vertebrae.

Bones are rather strong to keep the mass of the body and rather light to do movements.

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The pelvic girdle hip bone is a large bone that supports the trunk of the body and articulates with the leg bones and sacrum.

Muscles for controlling head movements and chewing motions are connected to the cranial bones. The lower extremity stadler flirt dmu formed from the femur thigh bonepatella kneecaptibia larger of two bones of the lower legfibula smaller of two lower leg bonestarsals ankle bonemetatarsi five bones leading to the phalanges of the toesphalanges of the toes.

They are not connected with other ribs, they are free. The chest is composed of 12 thoracic vertebrae, the breastbone and 12 pairs of ribs.

The adult pelvic bone is composed of three pairs of fused bones: These vertebrae articulate with the 12 pairs of ribs. The upper extremity consists of the following bones: But the cartilages of these ribs are not connected with the breastbone. The mandible is the only facial bone capable of movement.

The bones of theskulI protect the brain and structures related to it, such as the sense organs. The eleventh and the twelfth ribs are not connected with the breastbone either. They are the strongest and largest of the backbones.


All of the facial bones, except one, are joined together by sutures so that they are immovable. The coccyx is a fused bone, having been formed from 4 small bones. The sacrum is a slightly curved bone. The third set of 5 vertebral bones are the lumbar vertebrae.

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The main function of the skeleton is to provide support for the body and to protect internal organs. Sinuses, or air cavities, are located in specific places within the cranial bones to lighten the cranium and warm and moisten air as it passes through.

The rectum, sigmoid colon, bladder, and female reproductive organs lie there. On each side of the chest seven ribs are connected with the breastbone by cartilages. The second set of 12 vertebrae are known as the thoracic vertebrae.

The uppermost part of the sternum articulates on the sides with the clavicle and ribs, while the lower, narrower portion is attached to the diaphragm and abdominal muscles.

The basic part of the chest is formed from the ribs. The breastbone is a flat bone extending down the middle of the chest. The region within the ring of bone formed by the pelvic girdle is called the pelvic cavity.