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But to Koreans, especially older generations, they know that this is something that culturally, Koreans were very fond of. I am so excited what the future of this outstanding stallion has still to offer and being part of this.

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The long drawn out notes are like long sighs, based off the length of the breath, not the beat of the heart, as many non-Korean songs do. This original song was written a long time ago to an older generation of Koreans.

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So happy we can make this happen. Some of the photos are grainy or a little soft, as I was shooting from across the ring. This is one of my favorite shots. Bugatti surpassed all my expectations, so gentle, yet very charismatic, and extremely photogenic.

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The song focuses on long, drawn out notes, which, to the non-Korean ear can sometimes be seen as emotionless or flat. Having so much fun working with them. Good luck to everyone! I'm looking forward to a great show! Sure, her face lacked emotion and she didn't do many melodies to signify emotions or style like most of us are used to, but if you think of the song as more of a call rather than a song, then you will begin to understand the beauty of Yoo Jei's performance.

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It touched the older Koreans' hearts in a way that even modern K-Pop doesn't anymore. I've never taken photos of a horse that was this photogenic. It's really hard to explain really, but what I am saying here is that the reason why the judges, Korean musical geniuses who are well beyond their prime, were so wowed while many people here on UA-stream, who are neither Korean or musical experts, weren't is that Yoo Jei nailed that particular style while adding her own taste to it.

I would have loved to be there in person.

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