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Originally Posted by http: When this system was designed they left some of that memory open for any future settings that may be made on ram.

SLI Ready Memory?

Motherboards with EPP support should detect this scheme as Again I'll apologize for this as I can see how it could be annoying to some people. The company is just trying to darius kamadeva dating skills review people to buy it thinking it will improve there SLI set up.

The exclusive OCZ SPD specifications take out the guesswork and provide enthusiasts and gamers with significant overclocked performance with no manual adjustment or compatibility issues. There's good old SPD which is a bit of memory on the ram stick that tells the Mobo what timings to run the memory at.

So basically if you get SLI memory with a non SLI board you have to manually set the memory timing in the bios to it's highest rated capability, because it will default to the SPD settings which are generally the universal default settings, ie.

SLI Ready?

We used five tests of these modules Testbeds 1 — 5: The first profile Profile 0 is considered to be optimal recommended as a default profile. Not my views but how it is marketed. Generic Most Awesome Sig. Still it never hurts to check up on you're memory timing, i got some OCZ ddr2 back in the day, it was advertised as but ended up running at something silly likeso i had to set it properly in the bios anyway.

Module Exterior

The other values "High Performance" and "High Frequency" correspond to maximum performance minimal latencies at the standard frequency and maximum memory frequency. So it is meant for SLI. Get the answer Sep 16,7: Ask a new question. Notice I said slightly as to mean the timings aren't really that much better but they are faster.

Our memory test procedure has been supplemented with readings of average and maximum real memory bandwidth in case of parallel memory access from both cores.

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Any way if you won't be using SLI then you shouldn't worry about it. I think it means that it won't bottleneck your pc. So, I should keep this one: Memory voltage was raised to the maximum reasonable value of 2.

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It's a gimmick and there is no point in buying it. Thus, it allows to reach higher real memory bandwidths and reveals real characteristics of the memory system.

This should automatically overclock the RAM's performance rated specs. If the second part how is saying there is really no point in buying it any different then saying it is a Gimmick? Maziar what will be your motherboard?

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Most of these parameters were set by default in our tests "Auto"that is we completely trusted automatic optimization of memory characteristics by EPP profiles. It has to do with the fact that the current generation of dual-core processors from AMD does not reveal the full potential of high-speed DDR2 memory in dual-channel mode, as we demonstrated here.

Corresponding timings are also fractional - GeoMan Sep 18,3: For this one I apologize. If you enable SLI ready memory the ram will have slightly faster timings. The motherboard manufacturer warns that this mode may require increasing the CPU voltage, which is only natural.

Address command rate in this case is also 2T, voltage - 2.

4 NVIDIA GPU Ex [Disabled]

Gimmick- a trick or device used to attract business or attention Why would you want to buy something that is a trick? I have heard Corsair to be the best. The stock SPD says T 1.

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This is like the snake oil thing. Oh and this is an excellent link: Posted 10 March - In other words this is my attempt at sarcasm and I can see how it can be confusing. We intended to get maximum memory frequency in the last test mode by overclocking the CPU manually increasing the master clock rate.

SLI Ready? - Memory - Tom's Hardware

In this manner, build-up of heat is avoided and thermal dissipation of the memory components is offloaded more efficiently through the honeycomb design. I ask myself the same question when i see that on ram.

People where I'm from at least will ask you what's the Gimmick because, usually there is something bad associated with things to good to be true. My last ram was corsair and it really performed, but when i built my current rig there was no decent corsair memory to be found in my country, sometimes living in the 3rd world has it disadvantages.

It's easy to calculate that the CPU is overclocked by approximately We also increased the CPU voltage to 1.

Asus Striker II Formula [/]

I will however defend what I said. Edited by tacohunter52, 10 March - Straight of Nvidia's website: And yes SLI is 2x video cards Quote: At the same time, mechanical stability is maintained.

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I'm not saying there is no point in buying it at all, I'm saying there is no point in buying it to use in an SLI setup.

A couple of companies, including Corsair and nVidia eventually decided that they could use this memory to save more memory timing profiles on ram, and hence EPP was born, EPP is the technical bit of "SLI ready ram" marketing, it has nothing to do with SLI graphics. See, we Canadians have to pay more for our parts