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The desktop client is indeed back and it's about time. Additionally, using the SlingPlayer app on the iPad, you can play content from a remote SlingTV on any TV with an Apple TV or Roku device - a nice value add for people with vacation homes who don't want to pay a cable subscription there you do still need Wi-Fi though.

The SlingTV is the same hardware as the Slingboxbut it has received a significant software update. WiFi is included now and the price is lower, but our main complaints are still unaddressed -- upfront cost, non-sports-optimized view, IR control only and having to pay for each of the mobile apps.

It's also plagued by regional blackouts, and the adaptive streaming is pretty unreliable -- the streams can stop completely, instead of just degrading in low-throughput situations. The big news here is the significantly refreshed interface, which is designed with content discovery in mind.

The SlingTV almost fits that mold. Assuming Sling could even obtain a license from the folks who control HDCP, it'd without a doubt come with strings attached -- strings, I imagine, you wouldn't like. New and improved Sling apps Image: For example, you can see the large remote facsimile on a tablet, while a phone screen just shows the necessary quick controls to help you maneuver through menus.

It's twice the price of the M1, though. Slingbox, for those that have never heard of it, is the original "TV Everywhere" device. The advantages of a native desktop app: Plus, I found the quality of the M1's de-interlacer sufficient, so really, the lack of HDMI and native p sources is a non-issue.

Hardware and setup At 1. As long as your cable or satellite box has a component video output, this shouldn't be a problem and it won't even be noticeable after you first set it up.

And welcome in SlingTV

Using a Slingbox with your Apple TV or Roku will effectively extend your cable or satellite box to another room of the house, or a vacation home. Ultimately, the desktop app is just a SlingPlayer app, but since it's one that doesn't require a web browser and works like a real application, that's enough in my book.

Instead of taking you to live TV or the typical grid guide when launching a SlingPlayer app, it'd take you to a list of scores or just a list of games, for those who dislike spoilerswith streaming access to a game just a tap away.

Still, the option would have been appreciated. Want to watch a big sports match on your phone or tablet, whether that's on the back porch or on the train?

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Tapping into a weak Wi-Fi signal or switching to LTE how to hook up 36 volt battery indicator noticeable changes--a fuzzier image and potential pauses, which is the same as viewing any kind of Internet video.

Cons Mobile apps cost extra. That said, the Slingbox M1 works indiscriminately, regardless of which channel or show you're watching, or which provider you're shelling out gobs of cash to each month. For users that want an easy way to access TV no matter where they are, or who want to extend their cable signal to other rooms on the cheap, Slingbox is still a great device.

View All 5 Photos in Gallery Like most previous Slingboxes, the M1 requires a component video connection to get a picture. Overall, the design feels like a step down from the SlingTV lands in late August.

Sl In addition to the new devices and user interface updates, the Sling team has overhauled its mobile apps. The Slingbox was one of the first place-shifting television devices, and its most recent iteration, the Slingbox M1, is the best so far.

You'll sacrifice a bit of clarity on a tablet or phone, and perhaps also on a laptop depending on specs, but so long as your Internet connection is reliable, you can expect a great image with very rare blips in the action.

Sling Media Slingbox M1

Place-shift TV with minimal hassle Slingbox M1 review: Slingbox and connected HDTV can only watch one channel at a time between them.

The picture quality still starts out low, and ramping up to a high-quality feed still takes longer than I'd like, but I continue to be impressed by the quality of Sling Media's adaptive bit-rate technology.

If the cable or satellite box you connect to the Slingbox M1 has a built-in DVR, you can access the DVR and playback or schedule recordings remotely as well. In my testing, it took a few seconds after pressing a button to see a result, which makes even scrolling through a DVR list a laborious process.

And even if you do already have a cable box, Sling could enhance the experience by allowing you to stream content you already paid for. The other bad news -- depending on your perspective -- is that the M1 isn't supported by the Slingbox. Wrap-up It's been two years since we reviewed the previous-generation Slingbox and not much has changed.

Sling brought back the native desktop apps and built Wi-Fi in to its entry-level Slingbox, now called the M1. None of them require an upfront cost or installation.

Sling partnered with Thuuz in order to integrate excitement ratings for games. Just pipe in the content from your cable setup at home and enjoy it remotely while on vacation.

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Slingbox plus Apple TV is a great way to save on cable. The guide includes content recommendations, Rotten Tomatoes ratings for movies, filters for content currently airing, movie and TV episode guides and even real-time sports scores. Component video is an analog connection, and doesn't have such a limitation.

It's an odd omission on the surface, especially since the pricier SlingTV--that's the rechristened Slingbox that was also announced Thursday --has HDMI ports, but HDCP copy protection restrictions actually make component a better choice for most source types.

Design The Slingbox M1 measures 1. And movies now incorporate Rotten Tomato ratings, so no more need to cross-reference online. At launch, Sling also said you can now stream content to your Apple TV or Roku via the mobile app, and use them as the remote no on-screen controlsbut a support article on Slingbox.

Slingbox M1 review: A pricey streamer, but worth it for frequent travelers

That's not something I'd miss, but surely there's someone out there who will. With a solid Wi-Fi connection, the video quality is rather impressive. After that, all you need to do is register a free Slingbox account and you can access the Slingbox M1 through any Internet connection.

Sling used to rely on browser plug-ins to allow computer viewing, but now comes with a native PC or Mac app that is very streamlined and easy to use, while the iPhone, iPad, and Android apps feature a largely similar-looking UI that's best suited to each device's dimensions.

Sling Media Slingbox M1 - Review - PCMag UK

The M1 also offers integrated Wi-Fi for a completely wireless set up, so you no longer need to hardwire it via an Ethernet cable. Plus, you now get recommendations powered by the company's analytics platform SlingCloud, which analyzes popularity, reviews and social activity on programs.

I'd be remiss if I didn't take the time to explain why the omission of HDMI on the M1 isn't a big deal, because it isn't.

The desktop client is the only free app. It'll stream anything, including sports, which sometimes fall under restrictions that keep them out of certain apps or markets.

Watch Anywhere

True to form, SlingTV provides some great features for watching sports. Additionally, you can play and schedule DVR recordings, as well as watch cable programs on a secondary TV if it's connected to an Apple TV or Roku device - a handy feature for those who only have cable in one room of the house.

For those of you who've embraced the post-PC-era idea, you'll be thrilled to know this is the first Slingbox you can set up using the mobile app. No spam, we promise.

Software The big deal here is that the PC and Mac desktop clients are back, but first, some bad news: If you already own a Slingboxdon't worry — your unit will get a free software update to make it a SlingTV. Tech deals, prizes and latest news Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more!

A wired connection will still provide the most consistent, high-quality stream, but the Wi-Fi option greatly expands the M1's flexibility of placement and setup. Also unlike that earlier box, the M1 offers built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, which makes it even easier to get set up and start shifting the signal between devices.

The new Slingplayer app for iPhone, iPad and Android now lets customers set up a Slingbox M1 directly from their phone — no connecting to a computer required.