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When Mickey's year-old daughter Rita Marisa Tomei runs away from a rehab facility, Murray offers her shelter if Mickey will pay for a plush apartment.

Broad archetypes only there to show how embarrassing Lyonne's family is. It never strains to be funny. Vivian Natasha Lyonne has just grown breasts and now considers herself deformed. Vivian's wealthy uncle Mickey Carl Slums of beverly hills natasha lyonne dating regularly sends the family money to help them survive.

The performances, however, are fantastic, and make you wonder why Natasha Lyonne didn't have a bigger career. So they all move into a small, cheap Beverly Hills apartment block and try to cope.

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This is one "coming of age" story that you don't need to be a teenage girl to enjoy. But it's also dead-on". Her portrayal is earthy and utterly believable, and like Arkin's Murray, is an honest reflection of how most people grapple with the uncertainties of life.

She should have won the Oscar for this one. What a waste of talent! Perhaps I'm just a sucker for Alan Arkin, whom I've always liked, and see on screen all kim bum and moon geun young dating couple infrequently.

She nails it every time.


The catch is that they have to watch after their troubled daughter Marisa Tomei and make sure that she makes a transition from drugs to a career worthy of their name. Plot[ edit ] Fourteen-year-old Vivian Abromowitz's family are penniless nomads, moving from one cheap apartment to another in Beverly Hills inso that Vivian Natasha Lyonne and her brothers can attend the city's prestigious schools.

I have never been much of a fan of Marisa Tomei but I liked her a lot in this movie. Vivian and Rita are close and speak sometimes in their own invented language. Depressed and dejected, Murray once again packs the kids into his car and they take off. Her dad Alan Arkin is a divorced man of almost-retirement-age who has never been able to provide a stable home for his kids and keep dragging them from place to place like nomads and presumably keeping one step ahead of bill collectors.

Slums of Beverly Hills

It's an incisive portrait of how a dysfunctional family can survive by establishing parameters which allow them to get from point A to point B on a daily basis, and what it takes to maintain the kind of internal support system that enables them to function and stay together, though individually their goals and aspirations may be pulling them in opposite directions.

I think this theme of not faking having our shit together, and being supportive and accepting even in the midst of craziness, is pretty xoJane-ish. Vivian, who is about to enter her freshman year at high school. It's all a matter of having the right zip code.

One of the better roles that Alan Arkin had had in recent years Vivian's younger brother Rickey Eli Marienthal simply aspires to get attention. And it is not really a true comedy, although it is quite funny sometimes. It's a coming-of-age film for Lyonne's character who sees the beginnings of her womanhood, struggles of relationships, and maintaining her family's name and reputation through whatever means possible.

Definitely a buy on DVD even if the special features aren't all that special. What I wasn't expecting was a discussion afterward that felt like the most intimate conversation imaginable between Tamara Jenkins the director and Natasha Lyonne the staralong with appearances from the cinematographer Tom Richmond and Natasha's costar Kevin Corrigan.

Slums of Beverly Hills (1998)

It comes as close to depicting a genuine species of lower middle class family life as I have ever seen. The humor derives from the deadpan responses of family members to circumstances beyond their control.

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Murray attempts to cover up Rita's lack of progress at nursing school, when Mickey asks for progress reports. The beautiful and talented Natasha Lyonne plays the part of Vivian who, with her brothers and her father Alan Arkinskip from one cheap apartment to another trying to stay within the Beverly Hills city limits.

And that's exactly what I said before the movie. So I tuned in, expecting to not be too excited about the movie. The aging father Alan Arkin is truly memorable in this film for his struggles in finding out an end to poverty and loneliness without his wife.

But he's determined that his children, Ben David KrumholtzVivian Natasha Lyonne and Rickey Eli Marienthalare going to get a good education, and that means keeping them in the best schools. Girl is a phoenix. I had only seen it once, partially, and on TV -- and also, honestly, I wanted to see how Natasha was doing.

Slums of Beverly Hills Rankings & Opinions

Watching it for the first time, I got the impression the kids didn't go to school at all; that they were on the run or something. I could see right away this one was something special.

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Vivian must babysit her adult cousin, making sure she gets to nursing school and avoids pills and booze. Their father, Murray Alan Arkinis a divorced year-old who refuses to retireworking as an unsuccessful Oldsmobile salesman whose cars are selling poorly due in large part to the Energy crisis of the time.

I could've done without the embarrassing schlub older brother and the bratty younger one. The lack of budget shows in this way: What also blew me away was just how much Natasha made me laugh during this panel she's such a gifted comedic actress and I had to stifle laughter so I wouldn't ruin my filming and just how happy and radiant she is in her very essence.

She hates that they move so much, she hates that they're poor, she hates her boobs. Also giving a memorable performance is Marisa Tomei, as Murray's niece, Rita, who is deliciously tacky and adds some real spice to the film.

It seems to rub some people the wrong way for unclear reasons, but I found it to be touching and hilarious from start to finish. And what a script. Fortunately, we weren't as hapless as the Abramowitz family, who throughout this film are trying desperately to hang onto the ragged edge of the good life.

The last I saw her, she looked healthy and happy, but it was a few years ago -- and please keep in mind, I do not know her personally at all. It's a performance that takes into account the inherent flaws of being human; it makes us realize that none of us are perfect, but that it's okay-- we just have to keep trying.

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