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During a visit to Onion's house, Amethyst rekindles her friendship with his mother, Vidalia, while Onion shows Steven around his room. Onion brings Steven into the woods to introduce him cesaropapismo yahoo dating his friends and have a fun day.

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Lapis Lazuli disappears after reigniting a past conflict with the three Crystal Gems and takes the ocean with her, leaving Beach City in a panic on smotret univer 1 sezon online dating first day of summer.

When TV broadcasts are disrupted by a video signal emitted by Peridot from the Gem communication tower, Garnet chooses to fuse with Pearl into Sardonyx Alexia Khadime to destroy it, which dismays Amethyst. Connie, wanting to protect Steven, takes swordfighting lessons with Pearl.

Pearl takes Steven to a special place that belonged to Rose Quartz after Lion finds the scabbard for Rose's sword. He ends up confronting her with his troubled feelings about her complex legacy and her choice to create him.

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While she accompanies Greg and Steven on a road trip to another state and a visit to a motel, Garnet's frustration with what Pearl did in the previous episode causes her to split into Ruby and Sapphire. Steven and Garnet explore the most unlikely timelines in Beach City.

Steven takes the Gems on his own kind of adventure by bringing them to the Funland Arcade, where Garnet becomes enchanted by a rhythm game. Steven tries to master his shapeshifting abilities with Amethyst, but turns his fingers into cats, making it harder to do things.

Kevin is throwing a party, and Steven is invited. After the recent events, Pearl wants to redeem herself by capturing Peridot, who then traps the Crystal Gems in an old abandoned Gem spaceship.

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Steven creates a video where he receives and unboxes a new Hot Dog duffel bag from the Wacky Sack company. Following the events of the previous episode, Amethyst's self-esteem has hit rock bottom.

Steven tries to mend Lars' and Sadie's friendship by taking them on vacation to Mask Island. After doing so, Steven wants to keep the secret team.

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While celebrating his fourteenth birthday with the Gems, Greg, and Connie, Steven takes on a more adult form using his shapeshifting powers. He soon cheers up upon discovering that the Gems managed to get a hold of some of the last remaining Cookie Cats, which he believes may hold the key to activating his gem.

However, Pearl is having trouble letting go of her past experiences with Greg. Steven brings everyone together for a special reunion. As the tower keeps being fixed, however, Steven and Amethyst are shocked to discover who's really behind it.

Steven discovers his ability to float. Season 2 Shorts 1. Steven helps Lapis and Peridot resolve their past conflict. Steven tells Connie about his mission with the Gems to heal Amethyst when she cracked her gem.

Steven is asked by Jamie to participate in a play funded by Mayor Dewey about Beach City's founding, with Pearl stepping in to provide a more historically accurate script. To get to know his uncle and make him feel at home, Steven attempts to host a family dinner with Andy, Greg, and the Gems.

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Steven and Peridot attempt to catch an elusive corrupted Gem monster at the Beta Kindergarten. Steven grows a patch of watermelons shaped like himself, but they soon come to life and attack the people of Beach City and the Crystal Gems.

When Steven and Connie run into Kevin again, they fuse into Stevonnie to beat him in a car race in order to get revenge for his actions at the rave. After witnessing Steven and Connie fuse again, Greg explains to them how he learned about fusion from his time with Rose Quartz, hoping to pull it off himself in order to grow closer to her.

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Steven shows some city slicker gems how the cowboys lived. With no contact to Lars and the Off Colors or any access to gem related technology, Stevonnie must fend for themself in the meantime.

The dispatch team of Rubies return to the barn still searching for Jasper. This proves easier said than done as the humans there are guided through a strictly scheduled and regimented life.

Lion unsuccessfully attempts to get into various boxes. When they reach the other side, they discover that Lars and the Off Color gems have stolen a spaceship from Emerald voiced by Jinkx Monsoon and are now on the run from their pursuers.

Lion keeps lying on Steven's face while he's sleeping, leading to Steven discovering a pocket dimension in Lion's mane. Steven is taken in by Ronaldo's conspiracy theories about the paranormal occurrences in Beach City. Steven then attempts to improve Lars' life. Steven and Peridot introduce Lapis to a new way to communicate.

Pearl teaches Steven about Gems, with some demonstrations from Garnet and Amethyst. Amethyst" Your browser does not support the video tag.

When Amethyst quits wrestling at the abandoned warehouse, Steven continues doing so himself as Tiger Philanthropist. Steven becomes uneasy after seeing an unknown object traversing through a warp stream, despite the Gems' attempts to disprove his claims.

Steven brings a mascot costume to life with a magical gem shard in order help his friend Peedee, but it backfires when the mascot goes rogue.