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Singles 28 You may need rendering support to display the Korean and Japanese text in this article correctly. Please wait up to 1 — 2 weeks after the first package arrives and you will receive the other package.

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My package was returned to you by the postal service, what can be done? I am trying to pay using PayPal but I keep receiving error messages. My order is not being shipped. Taxirespectively.

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As of NovemberGirls' Generation has sold over 4. Please contact PayPal and they will be able to further assist you. Six months later, they released a third EP, Hoot The follow-up single, " I Got a Boy " debuted at number one on the Billboard K-Pop Hot and has sold over one million digital units.

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South Korea-based girl group Girls' Generation have released nine studio albums four of which were reissued under different titlestwo live albumsfour extended plays EPsand twenty-eight singles.

Their second studio album, Oh! Taxi ", which was released as a double A-side single with a Japanese version of "Run Devil Run", reached number one on the Japan Hot Multiple unfolded posters are shipped in only one poster tube.

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We will send all of your posters as unfolded! It is past the normal time of delivery, where is my package? The singles " Oh!

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Do I have to pay a shipping charge for each poster? InGirls' Generation released two EPs: The currency rate may change once a week according to the current USD to alternate currency rate. In Aprilthe single " Catch Me If You Can " was released simultaneously in Japanese and Korean, marking the first release since former member Jessica left the group.

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A year later, the group released a single titled "Sailing ", in celebration of their ninth anniversary.

April 29, 2012

Repackaged versions of the third and fourth studio albums were released as The Boys and Mr. If you would like a refund of your order, only the cost of the items can be refunded.

The group then released their fifth Korean studio album Lion Heart in Augustwhich produced three singles: The album spawned three more singles: Both packages are shipped on the same day but they may arrive on different dates the postal service is in charge of that!

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The album brought forward a Japanese version of "Oh! When is my pre-order item going to be shipped?

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If you would like the package to be re-shipped you will have to pay the shipping cost again.