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Watch This Hot Aussie Dancer Sizzle On ‘World Of Dance’

The year-old from Yagoona, in Sydney's south-west, was voted Australia's favourite dancer during Thursday night's finale on Network Ten. I never expected to make it this far, let alone become Australia's favourite dancer,' Dameski said of his win. His performances were like a spotlight at a Hollywood premiere, drawing our attention like a pack of paparazzi'.

Memphis and Dallas 12x2 -- Jun 08, -- Auditions 2: During the "Hollywood Week," the semifinalists will dance their hearts out, as they learn challenging routines and hope to impress the choreographers. Los Angeles 2x3 -- Jun 01, -- Auditions 4: Top 4 Perform 12x17 -- Sep 14, -- Finale Part 2: Top 20 contestants were selected out of them and eventually nineteen-year-old Broadway dancer Jack Chambers was declared the winner.

The show became the most watched program of the night with its Sunday night Top show averaged to 1. The show was aired for the first time in siren online dating and the second season was broadcasted in the next year. In the performance round, the 20 finalists dance for America's votes, and each week the six contestants comprising the bottom three couples are given a chance to perform solo routines to encourage viewers to keep them on the show.

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They had been selected through open auditions only but those auditions were decided not to be aired for public. The eligible age to contest for the competition is years. While the fourth season of the show was not that a huge hit with least number of viewers sometime counting to as low as The show gave up the auditions round and begin directly with top contestants.

The fourth season was won by contemporary dancer Michael Dameski. The third season was aired in However, the program restarted on 9th February, and did not return again. For more details visit official website page: The third season premiered on 31 Januaryeighteen-year-old Contemporary dancer Robbie Kmetoni won the show and along with price money and the title got the opportunity to choose from three exclusive dance contracts including Australian Dance Theatre, Hairspray and Burn the Floor to perform throughout Australia and overseas.

A humble Dameski wiped away tears as fireworks exploded behind him and confetti rained down.

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New York and Charleston 2x2 -- May 31, -- Auditions 3: His commitment to excellence was evident throughout the competition. The show renewed the fourth season on 9 February featuring a shortened format with one show broadcast a week, similar to the U. Detroit 12x3 -- Jun 15, -- Auditions 3: Academy 2 13x6 -- Jul 11, -- The Next Generation: The first season made debut on 3 February and continued to air at 7: Auditions for the second season took place in September and October of The talented dancer was delighted to win Judge Paula Abdul said: Dancers must impress the judges with their moves and rigorous routines in order to survive the auditions and be invited to Hollywood.

See who struts into the producers' hearts and who trips up on the series premiere. After that the next season was cancelled in The year-old contemporary dancer's solo performance stunned the judges and audience alike 'This experience has changed my life.

A fortunate 50 dancers who survive the auditions will go to Hollywood to work with five of the top choreographers in the business: July 20, Classification: New York and Chicago 1x2 -- Jul 27, -- Auditions 3: Also, for this last season the judging panel was renewed with all new members like — Paula Abdul, Aaron Cashacting, Jason Gilkison, and Shannon Holtzapffel.

Producers traveled to Chicago, New York and Los Angeles in search of dancers who represent the soul and rhythm of America. Auditions 1 13x2 -- Jun 06, -- The Next Generation: Auditions 2 13x3 -- Jun 13, -- The Next Generation: Then the judges decide which dancers stay in the competition and which two are eliminated.

Dancers skilled in everything from ballroom and ballet to salsa, jive, hip-hop and krumping, all compete to be named the best.

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The gift of this show is that it allows you to be recognised for what you have devoted your life to. Rumors made round that the show would not come up with any further seasons after season three however, they all turned about to be false and the show returned with a fourth series broadcast on Network Ten.

The second season also screened on the same time while the third season continued on Wednesdays and Thursdays until 21 April