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Solbi dating, 06/14/2012

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Inshe was appointed as an ambassador for the Central Election Commission. In addition, she appeared as a lecturer on EBS special New Year's Special Talk for the Future of the Year in Januarypointing out that the punishment for stalking is onlywon.

Solbi was paired up with Hong Kyeong Min for solbi dating Lunar Special episode, but for the rest of the series her partner was Andy of Shinhwa. Her second album, titled 'French Kiss' was released on 16 April She participated program named Infinite Challenge in October The bill proposed by Solbi was decided as a comprehensive measure to prevent damage from stalking and dating violence at the National Assembly presided over by Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon and was enacted as a 'law to punish stalking.

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On 19 June Solbi released her first solo digital single, titled 'Cute Love', the lyrics in which she composed herself. Since then, she has been releasing music and music albums every year. She is also raising her voice towards social issues.

A change from singer to artist[ edit ] She is absorbed in art, which was started in for healing purposes, and is showing her ability as a painter.

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In December of the same year, the company released 'Son Mo-ah gloves' to improve negative perception toward the deaf and speech impaired children and help them enjoy healthy daily lives. The song is used as Andy and Solbi's theme song for the show.

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SinceSolbi has continued to paint pictures of the victims' of Sewol Ferry accident and expressed special condolences. In FebruarySolbi was cast in the reality show We Got Marriedwhere celebrities are paired up to live together as newlyweds.

Inshe participated in 'A Night of Support for Multicultural Children' and donated 5 million won along with a special performance.

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Starting with ' fantasy ' of ' Trace ' inshe introduced self-collaboration a new form of art through collaboration between two different selves: Solbi challenges the realm of children's art, which became part of her art for healing purposes.

She taught art to children through volunteer work every year. Debut[ edit ] She made her debut as the main vocalist of the representative K-pop hybrid group Typhoon in and also released her solo album ' Do It ' in In the same year, she also received attention in plays and musicals.

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The self-collaboration is a total of five pieces, including 'Black Swan' in"Jikji Korea International Festival' inand 'Hyperism-Blue' in As a result, 'The Museum of Fine Arts' is an unprecedented art program and children's education program that learns creative expression through experience in, listening and touching based on modern art.

Inshe also released "Find," a song that was released by introducing 'Finding Project' to promote the search for missing children.

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Sinceshe has been leading the sharing of talent donations and good deeds to a nursery in Gyeonggi Province. Kwon Ji-an and Solbi. Solbi in particular is a side effect of the " hyperism " the flood of information and contentwhich means that if modern desires and higher expectations are not addressed, the opposite side effect is the feeling of deprivation.