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Customers were divided into market segments based on their requirements for price and key performance features.

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My final highest score of the two simulation run was 43 points which was divided into the below metrics: You must be the vehicle's owner or co-owner, and your car must remain registered in Minnesota during your active service.

We had to allocate sales and marketing resources for each targeted segment, deciding which new customers we want to acquire and which loyal customers we need to retain. Order now As I get further and further along in this simulation, I have noticed that I am beginning to understand what it takes as a marketing manager in order to be successful.

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Marketing Simulation specifically for you for only. If you are changing your name on your registration, you must renew in person. It exposed me to a variety of moving pieces that enable a successful business performance across different objectives and parameters Our cumulative score was based on our performance on four success metrics Market Share Cumulative Profit Customer Satisfaction Playing the CEO of Minnesota Micromotors, a manufacturer for motors used in medical devices, we were to analyze and capture the most profitable market segments.

I think by giving all segments the same percentage may in fact even things out.

Car Registration in Minnesota

Minnesota License Plates When you register your vehicle, you have the option of obtaining standard license plates, or ordering personalized or specialized plates for an additional fee.

Wheelage tax if applicable: Mail everything to the following address: These customers were not willing to compromise on the quality of the motors irrespective of the price quoted to them. MN Military Vehicle Registration Tax Exemption Minnesota residents who are active duty military members stationed out-of-state or overseas are exempt from registration tax during your duration of military service, and for 90 days after you complete your military obligation.

I find this to be an important factor that can increase profitability for Minnesota Micromotors, Inc.

Minnesota Micromotors, Inc. Marketing Simulation Essay

I tried to maintain a high price and a low discount for these segments also invested on the Thermal Resistance feature as this feature played a key role in the performance of the motors and customers saw this feature as extremely important in their decision making process.

Single plates vehicles model year and older OR collector vehicles: Payment for your vehicle registration fees check or money order only.

Motorcycle or moped plates: Make sure that they clearly state your dates and areas of active duty out of state or overseas. Managing Customers and Segments Reflection Paper In this simulation, we learnt how to efficiently and effectively allocate marketing resources to increase market share and firm profitability.

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Segment A and C were not price conscious customers and were value centric towards the performance of the motors. Customer segments were divided into large volume customer and small volume customers.

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In each quarter for 13 quarters from Q4, — Q4,I had to adjust resource allocation in an effort to satisfy customers, improve product performance, drive sales, and ultimately increase firm profitability.

Like in prior quarters, I tend to base my decision strategy on the customers satisfaction of the overall product and pricing. You may update your address while registering by mail by entering your information on the back of the application form.

Additionally, we had to work to find levels of spending on market research and marketing communications that maximize cumulative profit for the company.

My strategy for Minnesota Micromotors, Inc.

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Passenger vehicle and truck plates: We will write a custom essay sample on Minnesota Micromotors, Inc. I had a salesforce of salesrep depending on the overall marketing budget which devoted most of their time in acquiring and retaining large customers.

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My strategy was to maintain a high price and maintain a high power to size ratio helped me focus on the 2 customer segments A and C that were the least price sensitive and chose superior product quality.

Each had their own criteria for product selection either price or product quality.

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You will receive your new registration certificate and license plates via mail. Minnesota Micromotors - Marketing Simulation: I am still having issues discovering what needs to change in order to increase the weak areas and to find what is lacking to get this issue resolved.

Vehicle Registration Fees Standard administrative and license plate fees that all applicants must pay include: In finding ways to incorporate the important factors that matter most to our customers is what will bring in new customers and keep our existing ones around for the long hall.

Careful considerations must be made to be sure that the right decisions benefit both Minnesota Micromotors, Inc. Please visit any of the following pages for further details on Minnesota registration requirements: To help get an estimate on how much you must pay to register your vehicle, you can calculate your fee with the Minnesota Tax Manualcontact your local DVS officeor call the DVS help desk at I also find that it is important to base my decisions on the income statement from prior quarters as well to see where I could adjust things to work in my favor.