Twin Zone: Han Ga In and Son Ye Jin Twin Zone: Han Ga In and Son Ye Jin

Son ye jin and lee min ho dating moon, han hyo joo: "hahaha, no way!"

Eun-ho's charming stalker is secretly a second-generation chaebolbut decided to turn his back on his father's money.

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She doesn't like to express her feelings, but is very stubborn once she has made a decision. Like Eun-ho, Ji-ho headed to college in Seoul and is now a senior.

She was Dong-jin's first love in middle school, and after they reconnect years later, they fall for each other and get married. If she is reading my comments, perhaps she can share what and how she helped lmfao guy dating azarenka bikini make it a great and better experience for us, and mention couple of the scenes she especially likes.

He is the only person who knows why the two got divorced. May 19 But her tv drama not like her movies she is the best things in all her tv drama. Lee Ha-na Yoo Ji-ho 24 years old. Gong Hyung-jin Gong Jun-pyo 33 years old. Kind and gentle, he gathers the courage one day to ask Eun-ho out.

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Outgoing and tomboyish on the outside, she has a feminine sentimentality and a soft heart on the inside. She is an old friend son ye jin and lee min ho dating moon Eun-ho's, and has a daughter from a previous marriage.

Son Ye-jin Yoo Eun-ho 29 years old, born in Busan. Hope to see "Pirates" and "Last Princess" where she won Best Actress for portraying the "unfathomable depth of Princess Deokyak 's emotional ups and downs" -- yes, this is what SYJ does -- which bagged her Best Actress, one of her 21 best actress awards, can any global actors beat that?

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Congratulations, Ye-Jin, for winning Best Actress again for this one, which s screened not only in Asia but worldwide! He works in a major bookstore located in the commercial district. I watched it not just once but 3x. He has a laid back personality, and has loved books since he was a child.

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Earlier, she said their son Ji-ho will grow up to be handsome because he looked like dad, " Being one who watch new movies 10x a month -- Hollywood, China, Korean etc -- I must say hers is next level acting: May 31 1: I sow all her movies, she was super I cried in many of them.

Later, as she touched Woo-Jin's face and embraced him, there was something in her moves that portrayed profound sorrow and emotion. When Eun-ho was pregnant, he was her gynecologist. After a traumatic experience, Jun-pyo faints every time one of his patients is giving birth.

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Cool-headed and decisive in his professional life, Dong-jin is indecisive when it comes to his love life. She has already given up hope of getting a good job because of the high unemployment rate.

SYJ portrays a scene with subtly great expressions. Son Ye-Jin said she enjoyed acting in Be With You, and also suggested a few ideas during the filming.

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SYJ really pushed the quality of her scenes up by 3 notches. Eun-ho is a retired swimmer who won national competitions in her prime years as an athlete. Oh Yoon-ah Kim Mi-yeon 29 years old.

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Seo Tae-hwa Jung Yoon-soo 38 years old. A gynecologist in a university hospital, Jun-pyo has been Dong-jin's best friend since elementary school. He is a psychology professor and is taking swimming lessons from Eun-ho to overcome his extreme aquaphobia.

Though attractive, her brittle-like cheerfulness masks an insecurity caused by her divorce.

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I can say more about other scenes as I can see the movie in my mind nowbut will just comment that of all the good actors -- Korean, Chinese, American etc -- only Robert Downey Jr Tony Stark of Ironman, Avengers has such powerful acting abilities. She has an odd and "alien-like" personality, and plots with Jun-pyo to get her sister back together with Dong-jin.

He falls in love with Eun-ho, a customer in his bookstore, and succeeds in winning her heart, but their marriage does not last.

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I have much to catch up indeed, but better late than never, especially for SYJ! I usually see Korean movies on YouTube and cinema, and wonder why Singapore didn't screen more SYJ movies before she was in a few movies past 10 years. And I loved and I still her in all of them.

She now works as a swimming instructor at a sports center. And the last one was very nice but also very slow I hope I will see her in more and more movies and tv drama I loved her and I still ,I hope she will live her life happily and I hope she will find someone love her like something in the rain.

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Lee Jin-wook Min Hyun-joong 26 years old. She told her "husband, "Woo-Jin, that she would save a place for him in Cloudland, then looked away and kept still as tears welled up her left eye -- her sad and silent expression spoke volumes, even though we see only the side view of her face.

Looking forward to your next one, and many more to come. Kam Woo-sung Lee Dong-jin 33 years old, born in Seoul.