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It was because of the magical power of threatening people with violence.

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Garrison refuses to tell, so Cartman decides to go to Dr. That's obviously the only true power.

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Isler said the bleeps added by Comedy Central provided some modulator hook up on supercharged engine laughs and underscored the episode's underlying theme opposing censorship.

After it aired Matt Stone and Trey Parker released the following statement" and then shows the original message that was released after the episode aired. Stewart criticized Comedy Central's decision to alter the episode, while simultaneously acknowledging they likely south park 201 latino dating so to protect their employees from "possible harmful repercussions".

In fact, Kyle's customary final speech was about intimidation and fear.


During Mitch Conner's flashback of the Vietnam War at the beginning of the episode, " Time of the Season " by English rock group the Zombies plays in the background. It didn't mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too.

He starts to give the traditional 'I learned something today' speech, which obviously referencing Comedy Central being threatened by extremists over their previous portrayal of Muhammad states that the goo has no power and that, based on experience, fear, intimidation, and violence are the only ways that work.

During the Muhammad cartoon uproar last yearthe men tried to insert a picture of the Islamic holy figure into their show, but Comedy Central said no.

In the censored version, this explanation is completely obscured by a continuous audio bleep. The network later confirmed they were responsible for the audio censorship.

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However, he also stated "it's sure to become one of, if not the most talked-about episode of South Park ever". Cartman shows up at Dr. We'll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we'll see what happens to it.

During last week's episode, the prophet appeared in a bear suit, prompting Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee to say the men "outright insulted" the religious leader. The episode's closing shot is of Cruise's corpse lying on the Moon's surface alongside the corpse of the orca featured in " Free Willzyx ".

Scott Tenorman, and the references to Cartman's murder of Scott's parents, were from the fifth season episode " Scott Tenorman Must Die ". There are lots of people out there who would very much like to get certain kind of material removed, whether religious or political.

The celebrities get Muhammad first, and Tom Cruise finally becomes able to never be insulted again.

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We no longer need a genuine terrorist threat to scare us into submission. Throughout this whole ordeal, we've all wanted to show things that we weren't allowed to show, but it wasn't because of some magic goo. It's not immediately clear whether this was intended to protect the show's creators or if it was executed by them to mock the hoopla, but what is clear is this is not the first time.

Depicted as a melodramatic madman, Scott has decorated his lair to represent the Chili Con-Carnival in which Cartman gained his revenge on Scott by tricking him into eating his own parents. Matt Stone and Trey Parker have issued a statement: Cruise questions why they are able to do this, which leads to a monologue from Kyle, Jesus Christand Santa Claus explaining that the god does not exist, and that threatening people with violence is the only true answer.

The boys find Cruise crying for a place in which he can live without fear of mockery.

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Garrison refuses to reveal the identity of Cartman's father, and instead sends Cartman to Dr. Kyle says that there is no goo. No doubt, they'll try this stunt again.

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Scott also reveals that his own father was a Denver Bronco who had an affair with Cartman's mothermaking them half-brothers. This change in Comedy Central's broadcast policy was mocked in the episode " ", which led to further censorship in "".

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Several other portions of dialogue were also censored, including almost the entirety of three consecutive monologues spoken by Kyle, Jesus and Santa Claus at the end regarding the moral of the episode.

In the episode's audio commentary, Parker only comments on the opening scene, noting that they did the episode as intended and sent it in.

You have to judge how real the threat is against how funny the joke is.

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The town works on re-building itself once again, and Cartman is crying over his father, but instead of grieving that he had him killed, he is sad that he is a half-ginger, Mitch cheers him up by saying that he's also half Denver Bronco which makes Cartman stop crying, after that Mitch Connor goes away.

Slave and Pip Pirrup.

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It is a decision we've made with great reluctance. He reveals to Cartman that they shared the same father, former Denver Broncos player Jack Tenormanmeaning that by his act of revenge against Scott, Cartman had killed his own father and fed him to his half-brother.

Plot[ edit ] The episode opens with Cartmanas his hand-puppet persona Mitch Conner, narrating a flashback to Connor's medical discharge from his Vietnam War tour of duty in a parody of a scene from the film Apocalypse Now as the song " Time of the Season " by the Zombies plays in the background.

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Contents [ show ] Synopsis Angry celebrities and violent ginger kids are after the "goo" of the Islamic prophet Muhammad in order to become immune to slander.

Alphonse Mephisto and Kevincharacters that had not been featured on South Park for about 10 years. How much do I care about the joke? And to watch the New York Times, Comedy Central, everybody just go 'No, we're not going to do it because basically we're afraid of getting bombed' sucked.

Tom asks Rob Reiner how he could still be made fun of if he had Muhammad's goo. The Gingers contact the celebrities and offer to share Muhammad in exchange for access to the celebrities' "goo transfer machine", which transfers Muhammad's power to remain free from ridicule to a target individual.

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Last night's episode is not available on SouthParkStudios. Mecha-Streisand continues destroying South Park, squashing and killing Pip while he attempts to reason with her.

The gingers end up capturing Muhammad, the boys, and Dr.

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Meanwhile, the Gingers demand to see if the person in the teddy bear costume is really Muhammadso they unzip the costume to reveal it is actually Santa Claus.

You pick your battles.