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While all this south park s13e12 online dating going on, Cartman has dragged Butters to an amusement arcade next door called Super Phun Thyme.

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The episode sees the whole gang, including Clyde, Token, Jimmy, and Butters playing the game, with Stan and Kyle smashing thepoints record. The same goes for anyone who's ever imagined riding an ostrich like a horse. As the joke becomes a worldwide phenomenon, the only person who doesn't understand the punchline is Kanye West, who becomes increasingly desperate to know why everyone is laughing at him.

Canada last featured prominently as a setting in season seven 's " It's Christmas in Canada ". Cartman attempts to freeze himself to make the three week wait for the Nintendo Wii tolerable, but he ends up emerging in the year Most notably in this season is Ms.

South Park: Season 21

He tells Butters that a meteor the size of Wyoming is about to hit Earth, and hides Butters in a bomb shelter. Christian Rock Hard Season: His secret for success is simply swapping the words baby and love in popular romantic songs for the word Jesus.

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What makes this episode so funny is the lengths that Cartman kamienne serce 2018 online dating willing to go to get what he wants. Kenny McCormick does not die in this season at all.

The plot is nothing short of brilliant; Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman form a band called Moop but they disagree on direction, forcing Cartman to storm out and start his own Christian band.

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Garrison teach evolutionary biology resulting in a passionate affairbut we'll let you explore that joy all on your own. Mr Garrison takes his class on a trip to Pioneer Village - a kind of living history experience - but they are soon involved in a weird Burger King robbery and hostage situation.

Despite Kyle's attempt to explain the science of red hair, Cartman continues his tirade. Interestingly Parker and Stone aren't great fans of this episode, but we'll be damned it if doesn't make us laugh every single time. Hilariously, none of the townspeople will break character, which makes them easy fodder for the baddie Franz.


When they return to Pioneer Village and see the police cars, they believe it is all for them and decide to sneak in. In the meantime, Butters parents believe he will soon rise from the dead as a spawn of Satan, and they're both terrified.

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Night Shyamalan, and Mel Gibson, plus a whole terrorist sub-plot that is so farcical it almost but not quite makes sense. The result is a thinly veiled satire of the American voting system, with Puff Daddy also getting a starring role with his 'Vote or Die' campaign of intimidation.

The following episode " About Last Night " parodies Barack Obama 's victory in the presidential elections the night before.

In Marjorine, Cartman is convinced that the girls have a device which can predict the future, so he convinces Butters to fake his own death and return to school as a girl to infiltrate the girls secret club.

Watch it and find out.

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Of course, Butters parents get worried, so Cartman delves deeper, telling Butters the meteor has hit, civilisation has ended and toxic radiation has turned what's left of the human race into rabid zombies.

Watching Butters dragging Cartman's unconscious weight back to the school bus is also high on our must-see list. Legends of Rock in the United States. Considering there's an intimidating 21 seasons out currently, you can either lock yourself in your abode for weeks to get everything watched or you can look at our handy list to find out which are the best South Park episodes worth your time.

If Trey Parker calls this one of his favourite episodes, it is definitely good enough for us. So whether you're here for some morally dubious humour that'll make you question if you're a bad person for laughing, or just for some shockingly accurate satire, we've got an episode for you.

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Garrison's second sex change, returning her to being a man, as Mr. There is also the one two-part story: In the world of South Park it can! Stick around to see Guitar Hero's reaction to Stan and Kyle smashing one million points. Cue dastardly plan to take down Butters.

South Park Subtitles Season 13 Episode 12 (S13E12)

Parker and Stone said it was considered intentionally redubbing the episode poorly if John McCain had won. By the end of the episode, the long-suffering Butters is chained in the basement of his own house while his dad kills a saleswoman for him to feed on.

Of course, everyone in South Park finds this hilarious and Cartman tries to steal credit for the whole thing.