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Yes, we cater for everyone whether you have an email address or not. On the other hand, many organizers offer niche events such as nights for graduates only, gays and lesbians, older men with younger women and vice versa, book lovers, ethnic events, and religious affiliation such as Christian speed dating.

If you had to kiss any animated character, who would it be? In the last few decades, this fundynamic way to meet a potential partner became so successful it started spreading all over the world. What is your favorite movie genre? Simply call our office on and we can book you in over the phone - we take most types of credit and debit card.

Learn Spanish, Date Natives-Speed Dating!

What kind of britney spears dating charlie do you drive? Our matching engine ensures that you will also be sent an instant email and SMS text message whenever someone you have ticked visits the site and ticks you.

When is your birthday? In the end of each event, participants let the organizers know who are the people they would like to get to know better. What are some little things that bring happiness into your everyday life?

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What is something you're passionate about? Drinks are included in the price. This class covers important topics, like conversations topics to avoid, personality traits, hobbies and interests, as well as fun and interactive game to practice with the other students.

Favorite Things Asking people about their favorite things shows that you are interested in getting to know what they like!

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Occasionally, we may offer last minute deals to selected customers to ensure there are even numbers of sexes on an event night. After switch Students practice their Spanish while Speed Dating ing dating partners, the student is able to write down anyone who they may like to see again in the future.

Do you eventually want kids? What is your most random, silly childhood memory?

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What is your favorite time of day? How should I dress for speed dating? How many dates will I get at a Speed Dating event? We need to ensure that we have an even balance of men and women for a successful Speed Dating event. We do our best to keep the event running to schedule which means the event will last just approximately two hours including a twenty minute half time breather.

Everyone in the room speaks Spanish, which makes it an amazing opportunity to improve your language since it is a real-life situation.

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What is your favorite thing to learn about in your free time? We love to create new and fun ways to practice Spanish while learning more about the local culture. Icebreaker questions are designed to poke around about certain topics in an effort to open up more conversation.

Just in case anyone gets stuck, unable to come up with topics to talk about, conversation topic cards are passed around to boost confidence and ideas.

You are kept up to date with any matches instantly by SMS text messages after the event that you attend.

Do you play any sports? Make the difference events Make the difference offers 7-minute dates between people around the same age.

Sassarini PES 5 Stats

At the end of the event participants submit to the organizers a list of who they would like to provide their contact information to. I don't have an email address, can I still join in?

So, what are you waiting for? What was your favorite subject in school? A friend paid for my booking, how do I enter in my choices? Speed dating at LAE Madrid is very casual and light-hearted, and this cultural event is the perfect mix of language practice and a night out!

The idea is to have each person meet between 10 and 15 people of the opposite sex.