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We've got our alibis straight What are you worried about? And and and, when we first got to New York to do the album, the first program on TV we watched was about how hard done by Spinderella was.

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We've got our answer phones on What are you worried about? Shortly thereafter, Roper began marketing herself as a DJ in the area around Brooklyn. We thought it would be good to pile loads of guitars on the end, then [album producer] Machine had the same idea, so we did.

Roper began her career as a DJ at age fourteen. She opened her own beauty salon on October 21,the same year that the group released their final album Brand New.

This was their first performance as Salt-N-Pepa since Roper's early influence in music began as a child, fascinated by her father's record collection growing up.


Since she was sixteen at the time of joining, Ropers' parents had to give permission for Roper to travel around the country. After this album, she was to have released a solo album but this never materialized as Salt-N-Pepa's record label, Red Ant, ceased operations.

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Are you hungry for? Salt, Peppa and Spinderella Lyrics [Verse 1] We walked out like lions short on prey And move noisily toward the game All pride, how wide are my eyes?

At age 16, Roper was approached in school by a classmate who asked her would she be interested in joining an all-female rap group.

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Spinderella has also produced several songs on the group's albums. During her sophomore year in high school, Roper began dating a local DJ who she learned DJ techniques from.

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That same year, she also had her first and only child, a daughter named Christy, with NBA basketball player Kenny Anderson. Only later did I realise that the chip shop that the song is set in, in Birmingham, is called Salt and Pepper.

About Spinderella

The trio would go on to become one of the most successful female hip-hop acts of all time. The group disbanded inbefore reforming in Her daughter Christy later appeared in an episode of My Super Sweet 16throwing herself a party which included skaters and dancers. Biography[ edit ] Born and raised in BrooklynRoper was one of five children.

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Personal life[ edit ] InSpinderella appeared in the film Stay Tuned. All three members did perform on the second Hip Hop Honors on September 22, We've got our answerphones Are you hungry now?

The group's original DJ, Latoya Hansonhad missed several rehearsals and group appearances, and the group was actively looking for a replacement.

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This was just going to be a little thing for a Kerrang! I think I liked you more when you were worse Are you hungry now?

Roper appeared briefly on VH1 's first annual Hip Hop Honors in Novemberwith her group members, but they did not perform. Are you hungry now? The classmate knew Herbie "LuvBug" Azorthe producer of the group and arranged for Roper to audition for him.

InSpinderella relocated to Dallas, Texas.

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We've got our alibis Are you hungry now? They released five studio albums and saw several platinum and gold singles.

We liked to watch the fights break out And end in grief from these cheap plastic seats And hold each other a little closer [Chorus] We've got a place for the night What are you worried about?

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