Splenic meridian points - definition of splenic meridian points by The Free Dictionary Splenic meridian points - definition of splenic meridian points by The Free Dictionary

Spleen meridian sedating points, jemi's basic guide to balancing your meridian energy

The more you use these techniques, the calmer you'll start to feel, even in stressful situations that would usually get you instantly scared, angry or irritable.

For treatment concentrate on the most painful spots, pressing them frequently as explained for reflexology in Chapter 2. You can still think about the 'problem' or issue afterwards - it didn't zap it out of your memory banks - but you've disabled the stress response that makes you over-react or react unhelpfully.

People with life-threatening illnesses Consult with your physicians before doing acupressure. The main neurovascular points on your head are the bits of your forehead that jut out, a cm or two above both your eyebrows.

Start tapping when you are actively feeling the fear - ie, the siren is going off, they are making cuts at work, your mother-in-law is coming for two months - and keep going until you feel the fear subside. Generally, the closer the points are to the fingertips or toes, the closer to the other end of the meridian will be the related sphere of influence.

In the case of an overactive kidney meridian, on spleen meridian sedating points other hand, the energy level is abnormally high and you spleen meridian sedating points stop working.

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In those circumstances, sedate spleen first, but then strengthen it again immediately afterwards. What you can do to get Triple Warmer to calm down Understanding the mechanics of what's actually going on inside you energetically, when you fly off the handle or start to feel very anxious and weak, is already a huge part of being able to resolve our emotional issue.

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For acute, painful conditions treat mainly distant-points, for chronic conditions add local-points. That said, I'm still including some safety data info below, just to be on the safe side.

They may touch the skin or clothing but do not actually need to touch. Mentally, it helps to imagine yourself throwing all the worries away, when your hands drop. The second set of points, the 'control points' tell the body to put a natural 'cap' on how much energy needs to be moved out, as per the body's needs, and should not be skipped.

Large Intestine "When should I 'sedate' and when should I 'strengthen'? As mentioned previously, if you only try to use Energy Medicine techniques described here to deal with your emotional and physical issues, without talking to God about them as well, either it won't work very well, or it won't carry on working, or the problem will just pop up in some spleen meridian sedating points area of your life, because you didn't also work on it at the spiritual and emotional levels, too.

As Central meridian is a 'global' meridian affecting the whole person, it's peak time is generally at night, particularly around midnight. If something doesn't feel right, or is causing flirtiest questions for couples a lot of discomfort and pain - stop.

Important meridians may be traced repeatedly during the day for 20 times or more.


You can also diagnose what meridians may be blocked or unbalanced by seeing whether your symptoms show up at a particular time of day. Gout, affecting the big toes, stems from the liver, while swollen ankles are related to the kidneys.

Remember to hold both sets of points on both sides of the body. In acupuncture books you may find different names for two of the meridians. The results of these tracings may be checked with muscle testing.

Spleen Meridian Index

Further source-points are situated along the bladder meridian close to the spine, and also as local-points on various meridians near the target organ. If Triple Warmer is freaking out, they won't be able to keep their arm up.

According to Chinese traditions, the main organs and their meridians are also associated with different emotions. They are called 'source-points'. The more you do these procedures, the calmer you'll feel when the next big stress or problem hits.

Acupuncture Points & Meridians

For things to really move, you need to combine talking to God with energy-moving techniques to take Triple Warmer off alert, and to start balancing-out the other meridians. It is enough to remain within about 5 cm of the actual course of the meridian.

Trace down behind your ears, down your neck, to your shoulders. According to Chinese teachings, some interesting characteristics are associated with the meridians of the kidneys and liver.

Everyone else can and probably should hold them once a day, even when they're feeling calm and happy, to try and keep it that way remember, the effects are cumulative. To defuse any overwhelming feelings of stress, shame, guilt, anxiety or fear, simply gently hold these points for between 2 and 5 minutes, and continue to think about the 'stressful thought', person, situation or experience.

Yin Yang House Theory - Explore Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

This means, for example, that if you wish to treat an acute eye or ear pain you select points near the toes and fingers, while to treat shoulders and hips you move close to the elbows or knees. This works a treat with kids or adults who are too worried, anxious, angry or panic to sleep.

Start by energising your hands. However, healing can be initiated and accelerated by deliberately treating the meridians with the express purpose of balancing.

Basic Guide to Strengthening Your Meridian Energy - SPIRITUAL SELF-HELP from JEMI

Diseases of the ear, migraine and hip problems can now be seen energy-wise to be associated with the gall bladder. If you are experienced in working with energies you may just do that with your imagination, otherwise shake your hands for about ten seconds and during the actual tracing try to feel or imagine feeling energy streaming out of the tips of your fingers.

As mentioned acupressure is non-invasive, and shouldn't do you any harm, even if you don't actually need a particular procedure. In addition, you may use electro-acupuncture to treat points with a weak DC current.

Eye problems, for example, are often associated with poor kidney and liver functions.

Acupuncture Point SP5 - Shangqiu - Spleen

That energy is either going to your legs, so you can run away, or it's getting you ready to punch someone's face in. Hang your hands on your neck for as long as it feels good, then drop your hands away. When you are missing the energetic part of the puzzle, you can work on your anger for years, and even pray on your anger for years, and still get taken by surprised when a situation or person presses your subconscious 'anger' button and you react like King Kong.

The strengthening effect may be increased if after several tracings you do a muscle-tensing exercise, Taking a deep breath while tensing your whole body and then relaxing it during exhalation.

Points above the knees or elbows reflect mainly local conditions, while those below these joints reflect local as well as distant conditions at other parts of the meridian. Guidelines for Pregnant Women You should avoid using any acupressure techniques on the abdominal area during pregnancy, and you should also work more gently, than otherwise.

Ask God what's going on, and then try a different approach to solving the problem. Furthermore, the points at the shoulders, the shoulder blades and the base of the neck control the circulation to the arms and hands; while the points at the hips, the buttocks and around the base of the spine control the circulation to the legs and feet.

When you gently hold your neurovascular points, however, you encourage the blood to flow back into your thinking faculties, and away from your emotional knee-jerk reactions.

Acupuncture Point SP5 – Shangqiu

Try to find tender points by pressing with a thumb or finger in a circular motion around the area indicated for each point on the charts of the meridians. How to hold your neurovascular points Neurovasculars govern what happens to blood and energy under stress.

Use your commonsense As with most of things we teach at JEMI, common sense are intuition are the key to getting acupressure to work for you. In this way the deranged energy pattern of an organ is easily transmitted to other body parts along the course of the meridian.

When the main organ is inflamed, most points along its meridian will be tender. How does this work? Always strengthen heart and spleen meridians You won't even find the points for sedating the Heart meridian here, because it's not a good idea to sedate heart unless you're an acupressure guru of many years' standing and even then, maybe still not An inflamed organ is often more painful during its active period, while a weak system should not be stressed during low periods.