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What our dating site can offer single Kiwis EliteSingles. Kang Ji-hwan as Sunwoo Wan [2] A thoroughly "modern boy," Sunwoo Wan is always dressed fashionably in the latest trends and likes jazzgambling and women.

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Take a look at these surprisingly strange photos. SportsSeoul started observing the two stars back in mid-November. I mean EXO is the boyband which is riding their majestic popularity sportsseoul dating scandal imdb this time, one single scandal could bring they down.

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Again, so that the paparazzi could capture his clear face. Guys, trust me; I am as clueless as you. Maybe because she waited too long inside the car or maybe… it has been set up.

The door was left open.

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But, then, SM Entertainment confimed it! Many victims refuse to believe they have fallen prey to these operators.

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That brightness must have come from the car lamp. He experiences real love for the first time, which later evolves into patriotism.

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The former hedonist turns into an enthusiastic independence fighter. You can see that there are so many errors which should not be made famous news zone like Dispatch.

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The front page claimed that the pair were dating, and the news has now been published officially on the Sports Seoul website. They will crash anyone in their way.

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From the news, we can see that actually K-netizens are also suspicious about relationship between SM Entertainment and Dispatch. It is related with JYJ news in about fan assault which is—of course—fake. They should have used it really well: There was shadow on the car.

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Two circle pictures above should be taken right at the moment in the car, right? And they want to Dispatch work fast and quick so that the scandal can be revealed as soon as possible.

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How is it possible? The small photo was taken when Taeyeon arrived and the big photo was taken when Taeyeon was going to leave.

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Simply because more dramatic this scandal is, the more fans will believe. If there was shadow on the car, then it should be shadow too on the road around it, especially if it was tree shadow.

But as talented as he is, Soo-hyun also has many enemies, including his Japanese coworkers, Korean underlings and even his childhood friend Sunwoo Wan. We have date tonight. Moreover if they are right in front of you.

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Whether interested in flirting, casual fun, dating or hanging out with like-minded singles, we introduce you and let you do your thing in a safe, convenient and confidential atmosphere. Baekhyun is a really hardcore fanboy of Taeyeon.

Sign In Create Account. Do not scream nor shout to asking them to tell the truth. One day he makes a bet that he will break his record by seducing not some pretty and sophisticated girl, but the prudish independence fighter nicknamed Jomaja.

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SM Entertainment will be meaner as ever if they created this scandal only to make fans forget about Kris. Now, your question is maybe… then when were the photos in those two circles taken? The most famous playboy in Gyeongseong, Wan is confident that it takes him only ten minutes to seduce a girl.