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Still love your channel Luis Silva: All elements have equal weight and the average of all 10 elements gives the twopscore. Where in Nijmegen do you live??

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How does it sound bro? Most Exspensive Skyr Yougurt Ever dood! If you sign in with Twitter, you can request a detailed follower analysis for this account. I live in Nijmegen Oost in Altrade near de daalseweg fitnescrazy: Ill let you choose 1 workout and then i choose another one: Hope to hear from you, peace Sanchita Dasgupta: If the last tweet was between 0 and 30 days ago, the score is between 0 and I'd throw up if I didn't eat that whole time laurens Bro been following for a while now, i also live in Amsterdam and i do crossfit.

Dit was echt een leuke vlog! Have a look here!

Arie Boomsma

How tall are you Joshua Daniel: Would love to have a talk with you about nutrition for performance and not for aesthetics and of course i want to take you with me to my box and do a workout. That vlog was awesome bro! Ik doe nu paar weekjes 1x pw yoga naast 3x lifting en die deadlift en squat gaan nu echt 10x beter.

Je kan 1 boete per jaar terug claimen eh, easy 70 eurotjes Your name: I preach a lifestyle in which you can combine fitness with every aspect of your life, such as social activities, drinking alcohol, partying and still eating your favorite foods on a daily basis.

Aanradertje als je erg lomp bent zoals ik lol. If you sign in with Twitter, you can request a detailed tweet analysis for this account.

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Train je bij het usc? Lastly, we value seniority, and the older an account is, the higher the score, up to a maximum of 10 points. In some cases the qualification is either 0 or 10, and in some cases the qualification can be between 0 and Your videos are always so fucking grazy beautiful StandBy: For total followers, tweets and likes we only consider values up to 1, so everything aboves scores a 10, everything below scores pro rata with the actual number.

Wat is de naam van het restaurant waar jullie gegeten hebben?

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