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Sprinkle of glitter dating, what activities has louise been doing with her mystery boyfriend?

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Louise covers a really broad range of topics in the book - something that keeps it interesting and refreshing. Clearly though, wine hasn't been on the agenda for me and August was the month sprinkle of glitter dating bump popped out a bit and I went from 'ohhhh is she just quite fat?

As of March the lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog had overfollowers. Like aesthetically, this is a very pleasing book inside and out.

Louise Pentland Has a Secret NEW Boyfriend! - Superfame

Bit chunky round the middle but nice looking, nice person yanno. I thought it was really decent of her to take time to meet us and talk about the platform so openly. I look forward to doing it for about a month before I give up and concede that the soft play centre round the corner is more convenient haha.

I update it daily. She asked for it again for her 7th but I'm going to see if I can tempt her with something else! I don't feel as upset about everything for the minutes I watch a video on youtube. When I thought back to January this year I thought, 'Hmm don't think we did much that month', but after scrolling though my insta aka my life highlights reelwe did!

If you're going with children, Hotel Barcelo is lovely- good breakfasts and a slide in the lobby! Jokes of course, but the advice is really decent!

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It was SO peaceful and the perfect place to unwind from the month's excitement. He's a good one. Like for the first time, in a long time, I didn't panic about the future. Hopefully one day, when I've got my own house and my own family I can keep this book as a sort of reminder that no matter how sad you are 18, things have such a chance of getting better.

I just felt vile. Louise and Matt separated in mid, but both stated in that they remained on good terms. Have the Best Year of Your Life!


I realise it doesn't scream glamour but this was a VERY special day. Just as I like it to, Mum Life resumed and I spent time with my tiny babe and less tiny sister.

I've been once in as well and feel comfortable there. We've booked to go back again Oct '18 so keep your eyes peeled on instagram for a flurry of magical photos.

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Life With a Sprinkle of Glitter by Louise Pentland is a non-fiction, lifestyle, personal, how-to, advice etc book that isn't too far away in genre from most of the other 'Youtuber' books that came out this year - but I liked this one better. This lovely below though is Esther's Daughter and her and Doodles are besties.

First Darcy's, then Liam's, then mine! Ermigerd February was a good month! That way, your eye can immediately spot them wherever they are.

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It's a very nicely designed book, I like that a lot. I also really enjoyed the design of the book.

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Bit of a meh month I'm afraid. Sadly though, Richard Madley seemed more interested in asking us about how much money we earned and telling us he was rich which was a bit weird but a fun morning out none the less!

Instagram Louise also told fans that he was not on social media, so detectives will be having a hard time solving this love mystery.


I'm going to have her in fluros until she's I felt like I really needed someone. Her father later remarried and Louise suffered mental and physical abuse from her step-mother.

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We also told Darcy this weekend that I was pregnant and took great joy in letting her spill the beans to everyone at the wedding Dad and Tina already knew and weren't worried about 'thunder stealing' or anything like that and watching their surprise.

It's been on preorder for far too long in my honest opinion!

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A rare shot of Liam. Back to life with a bump once the jetlag and 'stardom' had worn off with more writing, this time glamorously in the soft play cafe whilst Darcy burnt off energy and a spot of MumLife in Waitrose. Or yanno, just living! I love that Darcy still enjoys the Princesses.

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I am in much the same position this year too - Sorry Eli!! I think the highlight of May was love. I haven't included pictures of the other children because I don't have their Mum's permission.