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First, find Kwee Q.


If no Mage portal is available to you, simply take the zeppelin from Orgrimmar. This year, it will start on February the 2nd and finish on February the 16th. Overview During the Love is in the Air event, you will mostly be doing daily quests and fighting the boss of the event.

Next, go out and kill green or better mobs while the kit is in your inventory. Date and Timeline Love is in the Air is a 2-week event.


Lovely Merchants can be found in all major cities and sell rewards for 2. Peddlefeet for the gifts for factions leaders dailies? Now, Horde will need to find Jeremiah Payson.

Eligibility All the parts of the event are open to players above level 5 some parts are even available to level 1 characters.

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While it is possible to earn all the rewards by diligently doing the daily quests every day, you can also farm the coins needed to buy the rewards, greatly speeding up the completion of the event. Using these items will give you a temporary buff that stacks with flasks and does not drop when you enter a dungeon or raid.

Doing so will earn you coins that you will use to buy rewards. Giving each of them a Lovely Charm Bracelet just once will complete this achievement, but you can continue giving them bracelets in exchange for Love Tokens if necessary.

If you need to get one from a friend or the auction house, though, that is an option.

Flirt With Disaster - Achievement - WotLK

Well, having that will also let you complete this achievement. He walks around the Great Forge in a circle. Take the elevator down into the Undercity and approach the central bank.

Not tipsy, not drunk, but smashed. There is also a short introductory quest line that you will want to do. Peddlefeet will also offer you four dailies to visit four faction leaders.

Buffs Lovely Merchants sell perfumes and colognes for 1.

Translations of "Flirt with disaster"

Flirt With Disaster 10 points Get completely smashed, put on your best perfume, throw a handful of rose petals on Jeremiah Payson or Sraaz and then kiss him. Peddlefeet in any major city.

Players below Level 98 cannot obtain the Big Love Rocket mount from the daily dungeon. Set up the picnic basket and sit down at it. Once you each have the Romantic Picnic buff, you should both eat your Buttermilk Delight to get your achievement.

Horde and Alliance players will begin this achievement in the same way; by buying copious amounts of alcohol. Rewards The Love is in the Air event offers a variety of rewards, including two mounts, two pets, and many achievements.

With your alcohol, perfume, and petals in your inventory head to Undercity. Currency The currency of the event is Love Token. See The gifts for faction leaders dailies section above for more information.

You will earn these coins by doing daily quests, killing the boss of the event, and farming for Lovely Charms. Alcohol is cheap so buy enough to get smashed.

You'll regret it in the morning. As you do this, Lovely Charms will accumulate in your inventory.