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Prakash plays the role of the school's topper and Sri Divya, his crush, is the sensible class beauty. GV Prakash, Sridivya Direction: If you are done watching all the important releases from last week, and are looking at something different, do check out 'Pencil' which ends up as a time pass thriller.

Rajeevan Surely there would have been instances in school when a long lost pencil suddenly manifests itself in the corner of your bag. GV Prakash Background score: While we expect a tense thriller, what we end up with are amateurish investigative scenes and mood-killing comedy that takes away every ounce of tension in the script.

Music is below average but the background score is nice. Prakash and Sri Divya starrer directed by Mani Nagaraj.

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The revelation of the real murderer is also very ordinary and has absolutely no shock value which is very necessary for this genre. The mysterious murder of Nithin before the interval lends scope for the story to develop in the second half while GV and Sri Divya try to find the killer.

There are however major portions of the film where one might feel that the director has not stayed true to the premise of the story.

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Shekhar H Hooli May 14, He is in love with his classmate Maya Dating programmes 2018 Divya. The film has few genuine moments that evoke laughter, school memories and serious thoughts on the education process. Songs cause a hindrance to the plot and disturb the flow of the film big time.

Shariq Hassan, who plays the role of a bad student resembles Raghuvaran and gives a menacing performance.

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Coming to the director Mani Nagraj, he has set the Anwohnerparkausweis berlin mitte online dating remake supremely well.

V and Sharik interweaves. Well, such is the case with this G. The Times of India Ratings: Just because the setting is a school, should the scenes be this juvenile? Debutant Sharik Hassan has played the antagonist.

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After hating the hero so much initially, she becomes close to him in just a scene and takes the deadly task of nabbing the murderer, this could have been shown a bit convincingly. With a better climax and more focus on the main plot, this pencil could have been sharpened more.

All the investigative scenes and the way they are revealed is very good. Starring Telugu girl Sri Divya, this film has hit the screens today.

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The plot fails to build substantial suspense and fizzles out with a short and unceremonious climax. Some logics like this go begging big time. The way the murder mystery has been set up in a school premises is quite novel and interesting. It is also marred by the choice of the actors who play the school's faculty.

As said earlier, screenplay is the heart and soul of the film as it holds interesting moments together.

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Music is composed by G. The suspense factor and second half are huge assets.

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Screenplay is a huge plus as the makers have induced very good twists at regular intervals. As the entire murder mystery is happening in the school, no one knows about the so called murder and only the lead pair continue to nab the culprit.

Critics say "Pencil" has a good story that offers a message to society and that the director has created an engaging screenplay with lots of twists and turns.

Sharik has to be commended for his genuine portrayal of the antagonist. Art department could have done a better job as very less students are showcased in a huge school which looks weird in some scenes.

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V himself while the camera work has been handled by Gopi Amaranth. The setup of the film comprises of expected elements such as a crush, initial rejection and final acceptance between the two leads. The rest of the film is about how Shiva and Sri Divya unravel the murder mystery.

The way he has made students the main protagonists and narrated the film with good thrills and held on to the suspense is appreciable.

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His notorious activities get to a point where everyone starts hating him big time. V and the cinematography walks hand in hand with the script. Pencil is set in the background of a school and the plot completely revolves around the members of that school. His classmate Nithin Shariq Hassanthe son of a superstar, gets murdered in the classroom and Shiva and Sri Divya stumble upon his dead body.

The suspense factor and second half are huge assets. Also, the way suspense factor is maintained till the end is good.

But it is the Telugu girl Sri Divya who takes things in her hands and delivers a wonderful performance. Climax of the film gripping and the twist that is revealed through a social message is just wonderful.

Sharik plays role of a spoilt rich kid,Nithin, whose evil antics are a degree higher than the average school thug's.

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But the second half is a great let-down. Music has been handled well by G. The film revolves around Siva GV Prakash Kumarwho is a brilliant class 12 student of a famous school. Continue below to see some critics' verdicts and ratings in the "Pencil" review round-up: Left with no choice, they decide to go behind the motive of this murder.

The movie begins with the murder of Nithin and the first half is all about the grey side of his character.

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Same is the case with Pencil too. The director must be appreciated for choosing to experiment with a school based script at this juncture in Kollywood.