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The Long-Term Energy Plan will be flexible; Ontario will plan for a lower demand scenario, with the ability to adjust to potential demand changes.

The Ministry does not provide Boards with multi-year funding allocations.

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Energy Audits The Board engaged an engineering consultant to perform energy audits on all of its schools during year one of the Ministry s Energy Efficient Schools funding initiative The Green Energy Act Ontario s Green Energy Act was created to expand renewable energy generation, encourage energy conservation and promote the creation of clean energy jobs.

In the Board operated 26 elementary schools, 3 secondary schools, 1 Catholic Education Centre and 2 Maintenance Facilities with an accumulated area of 1, square feet including portables.

This will mean pursuing lower-cost options to meet energy needs when and where we need it. Ontario s Long-Term Energy Plan On December 2,Ontario released its updated Long-Term Energy Plan, Achieving Balance, which has adopted a policy of Conservation First, focusing on rate mitigation over major investments in generation or transmission to curb costs for ratepayers.

It allows operators the ability to identify and diagnose problems early, which saves costs on maintenance and prevents breakdowns. The values below are metered data for the Board.

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For the Board s relevant projects over the next five years, please refer to Appendix C. The following lists provide education sector examples that may impact changes in consumption at a site from one year to the next. Natural gas is supplied by Union Gas Limited. The Board participates in a consortia arrangement with a subsidiary of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario known as Local Authority Services LAS to advise upon and purchase natural gas.

Projects completed by the Board focusing on energy efficiency include: These examples will play a significant role in the Board s assessment of energy management priorities.

Asset Portfolios and Energy Management Planning Energy consumption at a site can be impacted by a number of variables. HVAC and lighting are the two largest users of energy in buildings and are usually the first systems to be automated.

As a result, while a Board may have a five-year energy management strategy, the Board s ability to implement their strategy is dependent on the funding that they receive in each of the five years covered by their energy management plan. Upgrading existing BAS improves levels of comfort, data collection of energy consumption and saving energy because temperature settings can be scheduled and controlled.

Occupant Behaviour Definition Strategies that the Board uses to educate occupants, including staff, students and community users, with an emphasis on changing specific behaviours to reduce energy consumption. The Government of Ontario is committed to ensuring that the broader public sector, including government-funded institutions, conserve energy and use energy efficiently in conducting their affairs.

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This position is responsible for energy management planning and reporting, conducting facility and system audits, and research and investigation of energy incentives and rebates. Energy Efficient Incentives The Board continues to utilize the services and expertise of Robert Smith, the Ministry s Incentive Programs Advisor, and also applies to incentive programs to support the implementation of energy efficient projects.

Clair Catholic District School Board provides educational services to approximately 8, students. Clair Catholic District School Board, in all of its operations and programs, will give assiduous attention to the care of the environment.

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In the past, we were separated by geography, yet united by our common bonds as Catholic educators. For the Board s relevant projects over the next five years, please refer to Appendix D.

The Board focuses on: The board plans to integrate and control lighting with its BAS in the future for additional energy savings. The Ministry announces each Board s funding allocation in March for the next fiscal year which runs from September 1 to August The audits enabled us to prioritize and consolidate projects to utilize the funding in the most cost effective manner.


BAS reduces the energy and amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. In we came together, united by our traditions, philosophies, and a renewed dedication to a strong and vibrant Catholic education. For that reason, an annual Ontario Energy Report will be issued to provide an outline of how supply and demand are tracking and also to review progress in implementing the Long-Term Energy Plan.

In addition to monitoring energy usage, BAS is able to monitor and collect data from the building and reports the results on the system's computer. Operations and Maintenance Definition Operations and maintenance includes the strategies the Board uses to ensure that the existing buildings and equipment perform at peak efficiency.

Roof and Window Replacement Additional roof insulation increases the R-value associated with the building envelope.

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For the Board s relevant projects over the next five years, please refer to Appendix B. Integrate BAS systems of all the buildings onto a single front end computer allows an operator to monitor and control all facilities from a single source. The Government of Ontario is committed to fostering the growth of renewable energy projects, which use cleaner sources of energy, and to removing barriers to and promoting opportunities for renewable energy projects and to promoting a green economy.