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In Germany 3 and 4 car configurations are used for regional transit. Italy[ edit ] ETR unit in Italy. Starting in Decemberthe trains will be put on the Frankfurt — Koblenz route. The first unit arrived on 11 September [42] These four section units have the same blue and white colour scheme with yellow doors which is the same as the orders livery.

Their fleet consists of 14 three-car and 6 four-car units. The following pictures are close-ups of the Schaltbau components. Mounting of the timetable holder is easy, because it fits in the same panel cutout as used for the P Series toggle switch. In Italy FLIRT are used by six regional railways, in total units ordered and built are so divided among the following companies: It has become a favourite among railway operators all over Europe.

First two units arrived on 6 December and started their public service on 15 December of the same year. Also since December WestfalenBahn uses 14 three-car and 5 five-car trains for trains services in the Teutoburg Forest region.


Emergency brake handle The entrance vestibules of the low-floor EMU are equipped with Schaltbau NBS40 Series emergency brake handles for use of the passengers in case of emergency.

Master controller The S C from Schaltbau is a versatile handy master controller and brake controller especially designed for multiple unit trains. The toggle switches come as 3 or 5 position contact assemblies. The first 19 units of this type to be delivered were four-sections long, and were followed by eleven units ordered that six-sections long and are additionally equipped with the ETCS Level 2 train control system.

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You can see the master controller, three toggle switch consoles and a timetable holder in the centre of the desk integrated in a large toggle switch console.

Automatic door control Schaltbau S Series snap-action switches are used for automatic door control.

They ensure that the contacts will open even if they have become welded together due to a short-circuit. Unauthorized access is thus denied during cleaning, maintenance or repair work. In DB Regioa subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn ordered five five-section vehicles for regional services on the German east coast.

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Toggle switch assemblies This is a detail shot of a console fitted with F Series toggle swtiches from Schaltbau for the intermittent automatic train running control.

In addition to that you will find snap-action switches for automatic door control and emergency brake hanldles from Schaltbau in the entrance vestibules of the multiple unit train. The units will also receive the blue and white colour scheme.