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Then, we created a handout that would help youth learn how to use a circuit diagram to construct the circuits: So, I thought it would be useful to document our process. This was later followed by Twins.

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She admired his videos and created a map for him to play through. They own a house together.

Squishy and stampy

She openly takes inspiration from Stampy and often asks him for advice. We came up with a strategy that used two tupperware containers, one to store the animals and the other that contained the Rescue Me!

Channel Sqaishey has a Youtube channel of her own, with a rapidly growing subscriber count of overThis is incredibly similar to the Love Garden in the Lovely World series. Like many maker educators, we wanted to get better at what we were teaching and bring some fresh new ideas to an old tried and true activity.

Stampy thought she was an amazing commentator and they started to become friends. They mikeyboy online dating started making videos together in the Sky Den series before appearing as a helper in Stampy's Lovely World.

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Stampy also appears in Sqaishey's main series, Feather Adventures, as a helper. We noticed that our youth were very curious about how RGB LEDs worked, but we could not find anyone else on the internet who had done this!

They used to own a fish named Kitten and a hamster named Sparky, whom both died. Later on, she became Stampy's companion in a series of videos and vlogs, including Cave Den and Ocean Den.

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Teaching Series and Parallel Circuits We noticed that our youth teachers were struggling with the concept of series vs. This proved to be a great strategy. First, ask the youth to make a squishy circuit using three pieces of conductive dough and two LEDs, then ask the youth to make a squishy circuit using two pieces of conductive dough and two LEDs.

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The youth came up with great questions and observations as they worked on these challenges. Real Life In real life, Sqaishey is on a relationship with Stampy, and on 29th Julythey announced that they are finally engaged.

Stampy and squishy love story - Bing

First we came up with a prototype: In her most popular series, entitled 'Feather Adventures', she has a shoutout area named the "Feather Friends Pond" which houses many signs with people's names in them. For inspiration, we turned to our maker friends on twitter for inspiration and also looked at a little component that has been capturing the curiousity of our teenaged youth teachers recently.

She and Stampy own two pets a cat named Ori and a dog named Alyx. Because youth teachers carry the materials for all our activities as they travel by public transportation to community organizations all over Boston, we had to think about how to "package" the games to make carrying them easier.

Stampy and Squishy

Although her Minecraft character has not appeared after the three current helpers were introduced, she now appears as an assistant to Stampy behind-the-scenes, as seen in a deleted but repuloaded by another user video, where she controlled Polly Reindeer.

This gave us some ideas! She also has been involved in Stampy Short videos, in which she was credited for in-game acting and extra help.

She was the second helper after Crimson Azoth to speak in a Lovely World video, and can be found in this video.

Rethinking Squishy Circuits

Thomas School of Engineering in St. Appearance Due to the limited skins on offer in the Xbox edition of Minecraft, Sqaishey's skin consists of a chicken in a tuxedo.

At the beginning of every new episode, she adds someone new to the pond to say thank you to them in a different way. She usually uploads Minecraft videos, but also other popular games such as Club Penguin and Roblox.

He tweeted a photo of a poster he made for the Westport Mini Maker Faire: Sqaishey's PC skin more closely resembles her artwork and is more commonly matched to her.

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Here is the diagram we created to help youth teachers lead this activity for children during the summer: Here's the "cheat sheet" that we created to help youth teachers when they teach children this summer: She wears gold armour to make herself more like her PC skin.

The color of her eyes is hard to tell, as at times they can appear to be either blue, green or brown, although they seem green in most pictures, especially close-up. Kinesthetic activites are very helpful to our youth in understanding concerpts, so Alex developed one to reinforce the idea by using an energy stick to demonstrate the completed circuits and reinforce their understanding of parallel vs.

College mentor Alex Hartley came up with the idea of setting up two challenges. At the end Alex was able to explain that they had just created series and parallel circuits and show how the circuits worked.

Notable series of hers include: