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Orin's people subsequently rise in revolt and win their freedom. Everybody was doing sci-fi, and I had always wanted to make a realistic animated film. Here's your WTF remake of the day: From there, I built all the rest.

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But the budget turned out to be closer to fourteen-million. I learned two things on Starchaser. The Future of Starchaser TR: I think they advanced some of our production budget, because, as you know, it grew over time. Obviously, Steven had some extremely challenging experiences on Starchaser.

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After meeting a fortune-teller who tells him to visit a place called Novaluna, Orin sees Silica offered for sale, whereupon he offers high prices to buy her. It also hearkens back to the Excalibur legend.

It would have been a fun scene in 3D, but it the 100 actors dating dexter nothing to do with the plot so they had to cut it. So I grew up with 3D.

Chased by Zygon's robots, they emerge in an industrial complex where they meet Zygon, who reveals the face of a human man beneath his mask. Orin attempts to kill Zygon for Elan's death and thereby exposes him as a robot.

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She's soon replaced by Aviana who has a similar design and the same voice actress. The DVD release in was a gift to fans, but what about a possible Blu-ray release, or even a limited theatrical re-release?

I also noticed some subtle Christian elements throughout the film, including the moment at the end where Orin literally heals the blind by laying his hands on their eyes.

Zygon's guards can't hit anything. Rilean Pictures has acquired rights to "Starchaser: You know, a Digital Cinema Package. At the same time a mysterious "Starfly" appears and attaches itself to Orin.

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This blog is powered by Wordpress. And then I thought, if we can create that realistic setting in three-dimensions, it would work even better! They invite Orin to join them; but he refuses for the time being in favor of living with his friends and family. None of us noticed until Steven put it into production and had it storyboarded.

You said you had an animation facility in Korea. We had rehearsals and then I recorded them.

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Subsequently, re-programmed by Dagg, Silica becomes attached to him. When I finally finished Starchaser, Roy Disney asked me to bring the film to his screening room so he could see it. One, never spend your own money!

During the off-season, I had nothing else to do!

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We have half the financing in place, and are just trying to close the co-financing on it, and then get into production. They were very excited with my project! The executives at Atlantic Releasing gave some advice, but it was always positive and encouraging. The draft I wrote was pages, which already would have been a 2 hour and 15 minute movie.

Were you concerned at all about using the gimmick for Starchaser? But since it was written in proportional space, it was even longer than that!