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This class attribute, which internally is a Class property on a BeanDefinition instance, is usually mandatory.

State Property 2

To specify the actual class containing the static factory method that will be invoked to create the object, in the less common case where the container invokes a static factory method on a class to create the bean.

This is commonly the case in large systems where configuration is split amongst each subsystem, each subsystem having its own set of object definitions. With XML-based configuration metadata you can specify your bean class as follows: That is, bean names start with a lowercase letter, and are camel-cased from then on.

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Specifying all aliases where the bean is actually defined is not always adequate, however. The backstabbing, thievery and deception simmers, boils and ultimately spills into a gruesome finale--an old-fashioned shootout on the cold, unforgiving Philly streets.

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Notice that there is nothing special about this class, it is a POJO that has no dependencies on container specific interfaces, base classes or annotations.

However, typical applications work solely with beans defined through metadata bean definitions. If no potential ambiguity exists in the constructor arguments of a bean definition, then the order in which the constructor arguments are defined in a bean definition is the order in which those arguments are supplied to the appropriate constructor when the bean is being instantiated.

It is sometimes desirable to introduce an alias for a bean that is defined elsewhere. You are not required to supply a name or id for a bean.

The definition does not specify the type class of the returned object, only the class containing the factory method.

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Typically, to specify the bean class to be constructed in the case where the container itself directly creates the bean by calling its constructor reflectively, somewhat equivalent to Java code using the new operator.

These names can be equivalent aliases to the same bean, and are useful for some situations, such as allowing each component in an application to refer to a common dependency by using a bean name that is specific to that component itself. Dame, the Harlem-born hustler, is also the top dog in town.

As a historical note, in versions prior to Spring 3.

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The container then injects those dependencies when it creates the bean. With component scanning in the classpath, Spring generates bean names for unnamed components, following the rules above: Code is cleaner with the DI principle and decoupling is more effective when objects are provided with their dependencies.

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Dependency Injection Dependency injection DI is a process whereby objects define their dependencies, that is, the other objects they work with, only through constructor arguments, arguments to a factory method, or properties that are set on the object instance after it is constructed or returned from a factory method.

Instantiation with a constructor When you create a bean by the constructor approach, all normal classes are usable by and compatible with Spring. The container looks at the recipe for a named bean when asked, and uses the configuration metadata encapsulated by that bean definition to create or acquire an actual object.

State Property 2

Note that bean id uniqueness is still enforced by the container, though no longer by XML parsers. These identifiers must be unique within the container that hosts the bean.

The Spring IoC container can manage virtually any class you want it to manage; it is not limited to managing true JavaBeans. Loco, the flashy Miami playboy, is about to be released from prison. His Umbrella network is unmatched in cash-flow and manpower.

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However, in the unusual special case when there is more than one character and both the first and second characters are upper case, the original casing gets preserved. Conventionally these names are alphanumeric 'myBean', 'fooService', etc.

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Alliances are formed and shattered, and lifelong friendships are put to the test as the various crews deal and duel to the death. You should be able to call this method with optional arguments as described later and return a live object, which subsequently is treated as if it had been created through a constructor.

You can also have more exotic non-bean-style classes in your container.

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Most Spring users prefer actual JavaBeans with only a default no-argument constructor and appropriate setters and getters modeled after the properties in the container.

State Property 2 IMDb 4. Consider the following class: For example, if you have a class called Foo in the com.

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Motivations for not supplying a name are related to using inner beans and autowiring collaborators.