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I hear there's some confusion? Is it nice to have some "semi sex scenes" after 11 years as the near saintly Rev.

Obviously, enough people love 7th Heaven to keep it on for over a decade.

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It was always [executive producer] Brenda Hampton's dating scrabble boards lazy that sex in a marriage could be fantastic, so oddly enough, while it's not what you would expect on 7th Heaven, it's always been there.

She was very cool to me. But the show has always had a pretty good ability to laugh at itself, and the Camdens understand how they're seen in the world, and they're the way they are anyway.

I play Gabe's father, Joe. I did say yes to Blood Diamond at a time when I thought the show was over. By and large, the people who make fun of it haven't seen it, they only have an image of what it is. Before we go, here's a strange rumor: You sound like a man who wants another year.

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I don't know if he knows the extent that he's helping her out, though. Two men pop up, one who seems right in her eyes, played by Tom Everett Scottand one played by Gabe Machtwho is "Mr.

I make friends easily. The fantasy of the show is the idea that the family will be there for each other, no matter what.

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But on 7th Heaven, there's always been the suggestion that Eric and Annie have a very active sex life. He was also in the House of Representatives, and the first person to introduce a law for women's suffrage and the progressive income tax.

It's always nice to have those scenes. Listen, for me, Diane is the thinking man's babe of my generation. Did your great-grandfather run for president? In The First Wives Clubyou played the husband who left her for his therapist, right?

In this new film, Diane plays a meddling mother Now you're reuniting with Diane Keaton! But what do you say to those snarky types who make fun of it?

It looks like you're looking past life on 7th Heaven.

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And for a while she is seeing them both, which is kind of dangerous and interesting. You know what's interesting? I remember she put some major economic hurt on me.

Actually, I was thinking of Joe giving her her first orgasm First, let's put some people at ease.

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I always thought she was stupendously attractive, completely lustworthy, and getting up close to her doesn't change that one bit. So you're a bit smitten? They really think what's happening to your character is happening to you. She's the mistress of falls.

In the last few years, people have asked me to run for president of the Screen Actors Guild. It was really between One Tree Hill and Everwood.

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It appears she treats you better in Because I Said So, if you can trust the promos. I realized she really is that kind of actor, and I have such huge respect for that.

And then she turned on me with a vengeance. There's something so sexy about an actor who's wildly talented.

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You can read all the rest into it. But that's what kept us alive, that people see it as a certain kind of wish fulfillment. I wish I could say it was part of a master plan. I have such enormous respect built up over the years for Catherine and what she brings to the show.