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Steve fearson hookup, thread bullets dvd by steve fearson

On it, Steve goes over how to get started with the thread, preparing an object for levitation, how to use his hookup, thread storage methods, the details of the hookup, his full cigarette routine, additional thread moves, handlings, very cool effects, special tips, other sources, and even other brand new hookups!

In fact, you could shave your entire body from head to toe and still do it. After hearing this, one may argue that this sounds like a poorly done, rushed project.

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HTML tags are not allowed. Right down to the inch. As it moves up again it passes through a ring formed by the performer's fingers, as proof that there is no external support, and ends up in the performer's mouth. The Web Spinner is a magical tool designed by a real worker over a lifetime of performances.

Functioning as a spooler, the Web Spinner steve fearson hookup release a predetermined length of thread before stopping and automatically locking it in place.

Use it to float playing cards, bills, etc.

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My wish would steve fearson hookup that more of the Master Wax was included with the kit, but you only get a small thin square. Floating bill, floating card and a floating ball hookup for stage.

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Now, see the review. This time he's taking aim straight at the heart of invisible thread work with the Thread Bullet. This is more or less an exercise in creativity than a practical routine.

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Watch the video in which Steve Fearson perform with the Web Courtship dating vs ayo technology video and this amazing thread.

Are you a worker who just doesn't have the time to mess with thread and the complicated devices that go along with it? Steve's got you covered But what Fearson had discovered during his attempts to duplicate John Kennedys' effect was a new and unorthodox way of arranging the thread.

Reviews require prior approval before they will be displayed Customers who bought this product also purchased You're going to LOVE this! Just pull off what you need, use it until it breaks and repeat.

You need this set. Steve Fearson released this kit, known as the Master Levitation System, in response to a Yigal Mesika product released this year as well, for which Mesika allegedly ripped off Fearson's Hookup and used it without permission. It may be hard to picture a landfill full of invisible thread We have exactly what you're looking for You can get dozens of threads out of the Web Spinner before you actually have to refill it and even that can be done in less than 60 seconds.

JoeJoe's Web Spinner is a simply elegant work of art. In fact, that's exactly what it was made for! Video Do you want to get into thread work but don't know how to start?

Steve Fearson - Thread Bullets

You've seen the advertisements. History[ edit ] Fearson had seen an illusion performed by John Kennedy, called the "Animated Self-lighting Cigarette ".

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It makes handling and stripping both these threads a breeze. Next it floats from hand to hand before suddenly dropping down near the floor. Please tell us what you think and share your opinions with others.

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Pre-stripped, set and ready to use! When he finally gets it under control, he levitates it around his body, toward the ground, high into the air, and even into his mouth.

You've seen the controversy. The second phase, however, is an evolved version of Steve's floating cigarette and it looks super-cool.

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It truly is a thread-worker's dream come true! While viewers will appreciate the first phase the ectoplasm going wild and the third phase the ectoplasm soaring thousands of feet into the night skyI am willing to bet that no one will use them.

Also included is his famous, visually stunning Area 51 routine. The Web Spinner turns the most tedious part of thread work into something downright simple. The material, in general, is aimed at more experience thread workers.

Steve Fearson - Web Spinner

To see the new and improved Fearson Hookup and a ton of awesome effects with which to use it, get this now. The DVD alone would be worth the price.

With this kit, he's brought it back. Fearson attempted to duplicate it, and thought that he had succeeded, but during a conversation with Kennedy he was told that he had, in fact, invented a new method.

He published a manuscript to document the illusion, entitled "Fearson's floating cigarette", which included the necessary props.

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It's detailed, thorough, and the hookup itself is practical, workable, and one of the most significant advancements in thread work ever. In case you are not familiar with Area 51, it is a super cool routine in which an glowing alien ectoplasmic object goes insane, attacking the magician. Cause dollar bills to fly to your hand and more.

Automatic locking allows you to work the thread without tension, necessary to properly perform some of the most popular thread effects.

Fearson's floating cigarette - Wikipedia

Steve Fearson's classic, famous thread hook-up that changed thread work forever. Do this over and over until you run out you will eventually Nonetheless, this is a great bonus and a clever, creative routine that may even serve as inspiration for other magicians. Be sure to focus your comments on the product.

Just tug and the Thread Bullet responds by releasing only what you need, keeping the thread at the perfect tension the entire time and again locking automatically.