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Stokholma bergenia flirt, questions?

Nearly white flowers on long scapes that arch towards the ground. Iris Miss Apple Iris Miss Apple has a comination of upper petals that are pink and ruffled surrounded by red with gold lower petals. Coreopsis Electric Avenue Masses of large, bright citron yellow flowers over compact dark, green delicate, ferny foliage.

Red flower spikes are held above dark green and chocolate brown to redish foliage. A petite variety, its foliage grows to about 8 inches in height with a 12 inch spread, so it can be used for an speed dating miami beach fl hotels planting.

Veronica Moody Blues Blue Sky Spikes of light blue flowers add architectural interest to the summer garden. The petals will curve backwards and twist stokholma bergenia flirt little for more interest. Geranium Blushing Turtle stokholma bergenia flirt pink flowers with darker pink veins above green maple-leaf foliage.

Geranium Azure Rush Light-blue flowers with red-purple veining on compact upright and low spreading plants. Bergenia are incredibly sturdy plants, and some varieties will grow in temperatures from F to F. Phlox Bambini Desire These dwarf phlox are only " high and very compact. Primula Elizabeth Killelay Double maroon flowers that are edged in gold with a gold eye.

It stands about inches tall with a medium sized flower head. It also makes a lovely cut flower. Different because while having a strict upright look, the leaves bend, giving it a more graceful and flowing appearance.

Iris Pennywhistle Iris Pennywhistle flowers have blue lavender upper petals and white yellow with blue veining on lower petals.

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Winter leaves are shiny and almost black. Hemerocallis Storm Shelter Storm Shelter has 5" light purple blossoms with a large dark purple eye and matching piecrust edges. Liliumtiny Poems Asiatic pot lily that has dark purple almost black flowers with pink tips. Shorter and much more manageable then the species.

The plants are sturdy, naturally well branched and compact. The foliage is dark green with a touch of reddish-purple. Liliumtiny Orange Sensation Asiatic pot lily that stands 14" with large orange flowers that are speckled with maroon.

Great for use in a border or as a groundcover.

Heuchera ‘Blackberry Crisp’

Helleborus Rosemary Multitudes of outward facing rose-pink flowers that are held above the foliage in early spring. The new growth on this variety emerges a creamy yellow color, streaked with green.

A powder made from the whole plant can be used to treat urinary problems, and the crushed leaves can be used to relieve earaches. Though many people say they can be grown in full sun or full shade, I find they look best somewhere in between the two extremes, and seem most at home in a woodland setting where they get at least a few hours of direct sun per day and some bright dappled light.

Hosta Tootie Mae Tootie Mae features distinct corrugated, round leaves that are more cream than blue, the wide cream border with blue centers will hold its color all summer. The clump of foliage reaches 12 inches tall by 20 inches wide, and have a purple black satiny color in the chilly seasons which make a dramatic backdrop to those midspring flowers.

Bergenia ‘Flirt’

Flowers are held nicely above the foliage, excellent branching for continuous bloom all summer. Iris Jerry Murphy Iris Jerry Murphy has a combination of cream to pale pink upward petals and brownish apricot lower petals with specks of red violet and golden apricot.

Great as a cut flower and is a honey-bee food plant. The foliage on this tiny clumper reaches only 10 inches tall, and it becomes covered with an airy mass of flowers in spring, which emerge snow white and turn a glowing pink as they age. The plant forms a low clump of green leaves which turn to a rich plum red in winter, and it grows to about 15 inches high.

Magenta-purple flowers wave above the foliage in the middle of spring. Deer-ResistantDrought-TolerantDry ShadePlant ProfilesShade About Linda Linda Ruzicka has been gardening since she could reach her grandmother's knees, and now gardens with her own granddaughter, along with her three dogs.

Bergenia, Pigsqueak Bergenia 'Flirt'

Leucanthemum Real Neat Real Neat has double white fluted horizontal petals and solid gold centers. Very fragrant and a good cut flower. Miscanthus Tiger Tail Uniform yellow and green bands. They are more than just a decorative accent! Veronica Moody Blues Pink Spikes of pink flowers add architectural interest to the summer garden.

On the bright side, mild drought stress actually enhances the winter display of red and bronze foliage color.

Pulmonaria Twinkle Toes Periwinkle blue flowers in spring with green, silver-spotted foliage on a low, mounded plants.

The foliage is finely cut, fern-like and aromatic Achillea Song Siren Little Susie A sturdy, compact and upright yarrow that has clusters of non-fading flat-headed light pink flowers on upright stems.

Heuchera Forever Red Forever Red is a vigorous grower with red; lightly ruffled foliage. Like most Bergenias, not only is it beautiful en masse in the landscape, but it can be used in containers, in the front of a border between shrubs, or in a mixed planting bed.

Flowers are a shade between 'Moonbeam' and 'Zagreb'. Did you ever think this day would arrive? The brand new miniature Bergenia is a real cutie with foliage that shines and large deep pink flowers on short stems. Unique, yellow standards with white and black stripped falls.

Hosta Spartacus This hosta illuminates the garden with it's brightly contrasted heart-shaped leaves. Veronica Moody Blues White Bloom Spikes of white flowers add architectural interest to the summer garden.

The foliage is finely cut, fern-like and aromatic. Roosevelts flowers are a soft pink with incurvd petals. The plants forms wide clumps that are topped in late spring with spikes of near white flowers. Echinacea Puff Vanilla Puff Vanilla has a low mounding habit that supports lots of double white anemone type flowers.

It has both great texture and form; to be used in alpine and rock gardens as well as borders. The juice of the root has been used in tonic form to relieve fevers, diarrhea and respiratory issues like colds, coughs, and asthma. The flowers appear just above the foliage.

Bergenia 'Flirt'

Vigorous plant and heavy bloomer. Dianthus Plumarius Kahori Scarlet Compact mounds of dark green foliage, bright fragrant blooms of scarlet with white centers. Veronica Moody Blues Mauve Spikes of mauve-pink flowers add architectural interest to the summer garden. Hemerocallis Omomuki One of the best yellow daylilies.