Crowmod vs Farm truck street Outlaws Crowmod vs Farm truck street Outlaws

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He was also a janitor, cleaning, taking the garbage out, and hauling items away. Murder Nova races Farmtruck for the first time and Ryan fights to reclaim the 1 spot.

Download p p Episode 5: All bets are off for the final race. In small tire, John Mitchell took the well-deserved win in his Mustang, while in big tire, the ultra dialed-in Top Sportsman of Craig Blaisdell beat all the nitrous, turbo, and blown rides on carbs alone.

Farmtruck and AZN prepare to race for some fishing.

Farm truck Street Outlaws racing a Lamborghini on the drag strip

Download p p Episode 8: We knew where to go to stretch a car out. Farmtruck and AZN work on transforming the Gonorail into a functioning vehicle, but learn that this build will take extra work. Going for the Jugular It's the first list race of the season and everyone is gearing up for a fight.

The top 3 on the list compete in a racing extravaganza. January 4, at 9: Knockin' on Heaven's Door The face off against their fastest rival, Detroit, in a grudge race.

Farm Fresh and Fast

They met while racing on theand became fast friends. Download p Episode 5: Then, chaos breaks out when Doc refuses a callout. Farmtruck calls upon a friend to help him find AZN's first car he owned. Download p Episode 4: Do you want to come to Oklahoma with your truck and find out?

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Download Season 2 Episode 1: Tensions rise between Dave's team and Reaper on race night, causing fights to breakout. Big tire also saw its fair share of excitement, with a couple of lane swaps, and a scary spin by Jeff Simpson.

Bad Beets While Chief is out of town, Chuck takes over as racemaster, but still must defend his number one spot. Since they are always seen together, fans are asking if Azn and Farmtruck are gay.

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Though the two have a great bromance, their closeness has people questioning just how close they really are. Download p p Episode 3: Doc and Monza battle.

Jumping The Shark Pool Chief has an idea to make the list even faster Before we get into the rumours, we should get to know the men a bit better. Chief purposely falls down the list in order to race everyone he missed on his last trip to the top.

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He went to school until noon and then going to work until 5 p. We're just going to give it everything that we got and hopefully the fans will like it. Download p p Episode On race night, Chief tweaks the rules once again. Download Season 10 Episode 2: Needless to say, I was excited to get behind the wheel of the truck.

Street Outlaws

It's suburbia more or less. On race night, Ryan is getting ready to defend his number one spot and tempers flare between Doc and Monza. Farmtruck joked they don't get noticed much since being on one of Discovery's top shows. Farmtruck and AZN go fishing, trying to raise hell against a Hellcat.