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Unsolicited back rubs are not okay! I do love one of his comments, where he holds out an arm and indicates its length: Now I like the third. But Sung Hoon at least has a better story. Most of them are exactly like this one, but a few do actually manage to be different and genuinely moving.

I generally get the premise, but the little things that the show takes for granted that you know are sort of lost on me. Young-chul determines that the end result is that all three are annoying.

Even higher [holding his arm vertical], it feels like the top of the world is yours. I used sam huntington and meaghan rath dating have this DVR sweet spot for how to fast-forward through that kind of bullshit.

Strong Heart is basically like Talk Show: Actually, now that one looks better.

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So I find myself half-tuning out, lest I cringe instead at the uncomfortable feeling I get from the manufactured sympathy. Why else would you cast Siwon? Donghae was just 17 and still in high school — he looks like a baby in that photo!

Who is like an A-list drama star. Like you have no skeletons in your pop-culture closet of shame.

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Some manage to turn it around and make fun of themselves, though, which is awesome. Siwon tells this really elaborate story about Athena that pretty much amounts to: And if they walk back and forth this much, they get bored.

Keep your eyes peeled for more installments to come in the future! They get very terse but keep strict rules. But she completely misses that implication.

He says that Seung-gi was really nice to do the cameo and even though the shoot took all day, he never once complained.

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And then you invite a slew of guests to sit in the main seats and tell a bunch of stories, and the studio audience votes on the best one. For instance, Sungmin tells a sorta cute story that then, I think, goes awry. In life, you need balance.

Especially since I recall there was a plus-sized girl on that show. They ask what Cha Seung-won is like, and Siwon says they can ask themselves because Cha Seung-won is sitting around, waiting for their call.

No preplanning, no following special guests, just pick an episode and dive in. His ringtone is from Best Love! But when Heechul had been praising him, Leeteuk had welled up with tears and even exited the stage, ostensibly because he was so overwhelmed with emotion.

There are upsides to each approach: The panelists in this episode, broadcast last Tuesday, include: I enjoy how the whole first part of the show is spent roasting Leeteuk, aka Teuk hyung, aka leader of mega-boy band Super Junior.

And this is all just in difference of angle.

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Choi Min-soo tells him that another sunbae is there Song Kyung-chul, who is older than himand tells Cha Seung-won to greet him first. President himself, Choi Su-jong. Even allowing that yes, variety can be scripted too. Choi Min-soo suddenly calls out: Are we talking about the same drama?

Oh my god, why is he so funny? Heechul calls him a genius, but in the sly self-preserving way, where you sell your brothers up the river to save yourself.

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With the overwhelming number of variety programs out there — seriously, a ton — it can be pretty daunting trying to find out what show does what and when, and what its themes and formats are.

So you raise it higher. See you in two years, Heechul! It looks like they caught him mid-roller coaster ride. Ho-dong asks which hoobae Cha Seung-won thinks is better looking — Seung-gi or Siwon?

She fails pretty hilariously at this story where she attempts to explain the difference in line delivery, choosing to use the phrase: No, the first one.

Especially since Heechul picks up that joke right away and shoots out an eerily spot-on Kim Sumi impression, with her raspy grandma voice. Why does that Im Soo-hyang chick annoy me so much? If you lower the angle, the path becomes easy. The entertaining part for me is when the MCs give the guests crap for telling lame, unfunny or self-aggrandizing stories.

Leeteuk had gotten out of the car, growling that they were all dead…until the three women recognized him, and suddenly he was all smiles and polite bows, a la Dokko Jin.