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The main stars are Cynthia Klitbo and Sergio Goyri. Vicente Rojo, ex-husband of Paulina, died in a strange accident that everyone blamed her for. Since then, everyone calls Paulina "the black widow".

Casa en la Playa, Frente al Mar, SIN LIMITE de Personas

This server-grade filtering software delivers optimal performance and keeps all network intrusions out. Villarreal leaves Paulina, his only daughter, as the head of the family's construction company, which had always been in charge of Cesar, the eldest of the brothers.

Firewall Block unwanted connections. Trivia The telenovela was a commercial and ratings flop, ending after only 65 episodes.

By Heidi Rice

To all the children the news falls like a bucket of cold water, since everyone lives and works separately. Paulina and Juan Carlos will not only be united by the last will of her father, but also by the unbridled passion that arises between them.

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For her part, Paulina has lived away from Acapulco for many years, having to flee to Mexico City along with her son, Paolo, to prevent the child from finding out a terrible secret: The life of all these characters will be intertwined every day between the walls of the beach house. Anonymous browsing helps prevent data mining which keeps your data and identity secret.

Back in Acapulco, Paulina is reunited with her three brothers, who have always been strangers to her.

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La casa en la playa

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