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Trained as a goldsmith, he personally oversaw the the work of craftsman in Topkapi and commissioned the great architect Mimar Sinan to build great mosques such as Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul and Selimiye Mosque in Edirne and reconstructed the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

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In the Mediterranean, their navy captured all the principal North African overeenkomst van dating voorbeeld sollicitatie, and for a time the Ottoman fleet completely dominated the sea.

Istanbul was the largest city in Europe and the Ottoman Empire was perhaps the most powerful politcial entity in the world. When the castle was finally captured the knights of St. When a force of 7, Spaniards arrived to help the knights, only defenders remained.

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In Kurdistan and Mesopotamia were taken from Persia. Suleyman also had his cruel and capricious side. So notorious was his reputation that European mothers used to frighten their children out of misbehaving by telling them Barbarossa would get them if they weren't careful. His father was Selim the Grim, a title he earned by slaying his father, two brothers and 62 other relatives.

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An observatory was built in He loved most all to write poems to Roxelana. On one these he wrote: North Africa up to the Moroccan frontier was brought under Ottoman suzerainty in the s and s, and governors named by the sultan were installed in Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli.

In one battle, according to Ottoman historians, Suleyman was struck by arrows and wounded by the swords of three knights, who were eventually cut to pieces by the sultan.

Vienna was besieged unsuccessfully during the campaign season of It was one of the scariest episodes and disruptive episodes in the history of western Europe.

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Only five years after his death was the Battle of Lepanto, in which the Ottoman navy was destroyed by Venice and Spain and Ottoman lost control of the western Mediterranean. The knights responded by throwing down flaming hoops and boiling pitch, and cutting off the heads of Turkish prisoners and using them as cannonballs to fire back on the Turks.

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National Gallery of Art, He extended its territory into Mecca and Medina and Yemen, and took Persian territory. These and other similar actions helped him earn the title Suleyman the Lawgiver. John on the island of Rhodes Greece inover 15, men died in one battle.

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After Suleyman, the Ottoman empire began declining. Suleyman himself had his son and best friend strangled before him with a silken bowstring. Suleyman cracked down on corruption, reformed, simplified and codified the legal system.

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Some 9, members of the order, holed up in Fort St. News of new discovereies in the New World poured in. At that time Hungary was a great power, and Europeans feared it was only a matter of time before Europe fell.

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Not much is known about the private of life of Suleyman and Roxelena, but they did leave behind some juicy love letters. He often ordered the execution of prsioners after a battle and began the customs of not speaking to foreign diplomats when they presented their credentials.

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He seized Belgradecaptured Hungary and laid siege to Vienna Suleyman once wrote "I am the sultan of love. In addition, the native rulers of Wallachia, Moldavia, Transylvania, and Ragusa Dubrovnik were vassals of the sultan.

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To the east, the Ottoman forces wrested control of Iraq from the Safavids of Iran. It became the law of the land for all Muslims and it was practiced with a high degree of uniformity in Shariah courts throughout the empire by quadis legal experts and muftis legal assistants.

Suleyman won most of Hungary in the bloody battle at Mohac in The Turkish admiral was named after the pirate-infested Barbary Coast by Europeans who mistakenly thought that was where he was from. Also known as Suleyman the Magnificent, he was the tenth Ottoman sultan and fourth one to rule from Istanbul.

Not only did the courts meet out justice they also created a bond between the local people, especially in Arab regions, and the sultan.

Communication channels were open with West. The Hapsburgs built a network of fortress in Hungary to hold off the Turks.

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Medicine was practiced at a high level. Egypt, Mecca, and the North African provinces were governed under special regulations, as were satellite domains in Arabia and the Caucasus, and among the Crimean Tartars.

John were set free, a move that Suleyman would regret 12 years later.