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Our drama is a good mix between these different elements. Another entertainment rep stated, "It's itunes music match uk dating only about a month since they started dating, but they do not hide the fact that they are an item.

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But am I not a chef in the drama? Their short but wonderful relationship came to its end thanks to their respective busy schedules. What did you think when you heard about each other being cast for this drama? I thought Jae Lim was perfect for the role of Shi Kyung. Their busy schedules kept them from seeing each other often and the two reported that they will be taking the time to focus on their careers.

I thought their characters would be the opposite of their usual images and the drama will be exceptional for viewers.

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Now, I want to keep the door open and enjoy life. Check out their responses in the latest article here. Hus educational background with him being a former med school student makes him popular.

However, it becomes equally hard for them when they choose to let each other go because such knowledge becomes public as well.


Luckily, Min and G. I see acting as my job well as my livelihood. Will Joo Wan become a mermaid instead? I really needed a change and this good opportunity came to me.

Soul was heading for his mandatory military service. Before, my heart was closed to new relationships. I think it will get crazier with each episode. But I want to meet someone who is sincere and be serious about the relationship.

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He said he thought about me for this role because he was looking for someone to play this indecisive shy loser in a way that has never been done before.

Some fans speculated that the relationship ended because G.

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I was the one who was cast last among the three of us. If he were just to become a doctor, it would be pointless to shoot this drama. They both have their own charm and I feel sympathy for both of them and the pain they hide. I watched the reading script video, the atmosphere looked great!

The news of their breakup came as a huge shock to everyone as it seemed the couple was as strong as ever, but obviously their schedules played into their relationship a little too much.

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You know how we call our generation the sampo generation because we gave up on relationships, marriage, having kids because of unemployement.

In the picture, you can see the mermaid Jo Bo Ah sharing a electrifying kiss with a normal human male Song Jae Rim in the water.

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According to Sports DongA on March 26, the two have allegedly been dating since the end of February for about a month now. The beginning is like a story for children, but is it a dark comedy that reflects the harsh reality?

The two reportedly parted ways because of their busy schedules. However, the chemistry with an actress this time around… It is okay for you to also look forward to it.

As actors who debuted 3 years, 6 years and 11 years ago, what is your biggest worry these days? While the circumstances might not be clear, here are some of the most recent Korean celebrity breakups.

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I heard the story is about a mermaid who found love and became human. You know how men when they reach 30 make extended plans because they got a job, so they get married, they get an apartment mortgage, they become fathers? Thanks to the actors, a good drama will come out despite the difficult filming.

After confirming it, we will relay an official statement," while Jo Bo Ah's side said, "We think getting confirmation from Jo Bo Ah herself is foremost. There are 15 episodes! Two years later they made their relationship public and the whole world was happy for the couple.

Do you try your best to go crazy? What started out as a deep friendship.

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My body is better than his. After filming wrapped up, Ohn Joo Wan and Jo Bo Ah talked about their concerns, shared interest in each other, and became closer.

By any chance, do I die in the 13th episode?

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Luckily, the two seem to have broken up on good terms because they also said that they will be supporting each other as well! This is what love is. He has this dandy style. This time, I play Si Kyung who is conceited and obnoxious.

The special will contain what the actors think of the drama and behind-the-scenes material. I have my own values when it comes to dating. Comedy is an important aspect of this drama.

It was great for me to play a light and joyful young character running toward his dream because I had only played characters who were completely different from my real personality.